Subscriptions and timeliness of support

It took a week for a response on one of my tickets, and 2 days ago my card was billed for subscription, confirmed via email, but my character went alpha instead and is basically useless until this fixed. I opened that ticket yesterday, and still can’t play my paid character. They do a great job, but new tickets should be examined within an hour of creation to assess severity if nothing else.

CCP should hire whoever administers their billing services for patch releases…


You could have plexed it giving you a 30 day period to handle the conflict between you,your bank and CCP.

Aedaxus, follow your logic. You pay for plex with a credit card, and you pay for a sub with credit card. Plex after all wouldn’t even be somethign you could earn in game if no one bought it from CCP with $. EITHER way would have had an issue if it had anything to do with the bank. But it has nothing to do with the bank.

CCP sent me a confirmation email that it was paid AUTOMATICALLY (you know like how a subscription works). It even shows in the account transaction history. This is like paying for Omega with Plex and not getting Omega.

You could offer something constructive to say, or you can continue demonstrating your complete lack of comprehension of the problem.

Problem = You became alpha, but supposed to be subbed.
Solution = Create ticket and wait.

Problem = Want to be omega NOAW.
Solution = Get some plex as it’s a different mechanic to become alpha.

Problem = You didn’t know PLEX can be bought with ISK.
Solution = RTFM

Problem = You chose to reply salty and insult me.
Solution = Stop being ignorant.

PS: You are omega now, right?

I am aware that Plex can be bought with Isk. Paying $20 for one month, on a $12 per month subscription to get it “NAOW” seems unreasonable, especially when it should be an easy fix.

I had said “Plex after all wouldn’t even be somethign you could earn in game” My spelling may be terrible, but I’m clearly saying you couldn’t “earn” it in game IE buy it with Isk, if people were not purchasing it with $ and selling it for ISK (wow what a concept). Perhaps read the post before you suggest people should RTFM.

Can I buy PLEX with money? Sure, but the intent of the post was to discuss support timelines with respect to account access/status.

I was salty with good reason. My other Omega has been in the game since July 2003, his sub never screws up, so I have reason to be a little ticked about this. You wanted to offer your perspective which was slightly off topic, and want to talk about being ignorant when you walked on someone else’s post without even thinking about what was being discussed. I’m discussing it with this toon because it’s the one having an issue.

PS, no, the toon in question is not Omega now. Still an Alpha 3 days later, and 2 days (47 hours) since I opened the ticket. No response. If I didn’t have my other Omega toon to play, I probably would have plexed the alpha by now.

PPS. Seriously if you took offense to my “saltiness” then what the hey I’m a big enough person to apologize, so consider me having apologized. I still say I have reason to be Salty, I just shouldn’t take it out on you. Your response just set me off in the wrong direction.

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