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Hello all been a long time had to walk away from game for sometime. I get back and get on my main guy and put the cash down for a year sub. This gave me omega i go to activate my best alts and see they are still alpha. So i go to sub my alt and find they just pushed my sub out another year. it was my mistake i find that one omega sub should cover my alts also. the problem is support cant find any in game before they had a chat icon and you could talk to a gm. I have put in a ticket but after the auto response nothing i would hope that an account problem would be high up on the list for support since to most $264.00 dollars is not chump change to most. this is the problem with many games take away phone support and the players are the ones who suffer.

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When you subscribe, it adds Omega for only the 3 character slots on that same account.

If you added game time to the wrong account, wait for your ticket CCP tend to be quite nice about transferring it. However if you want to split your 1 year sub among several accounts that isn’t going to happen i don’t think. You’ll have to subscribe each account separately.

I was playing the second account when I clicked the get omega clone state but it still added the time to my main. that’s my issue

Ok then i think you were logged into the EvE Account Management website on your original account, while playing EvE on the 2nd account.

You add gametime through the Account Management website, even if you end up there by clicking a link in game. Potentially your PC is set to automatically log into EvE Account Management under your main account, and potentially this is where your problem lies.

I’ve seen similar problems before get fixed by CCP assuming it was an accident and gametime ended up on wrong account. Maybe update your ticket with the info you gave me if you hadn’t already and be patient.

Good Luck o/

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When you click “get Omega state” opens the account page (in Browser) and you have to logon to make the sub valid through a payment - what you were playing before has nothing to do with it.
Apparently you were logged in the wrong account.

Edit: oops, didnt notice that someone already wrote the same, lol - Keno is right^^

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Also regarding the support ticket @var_ulfur. CCP will respond as soon as they can. However, this is a billing issue so it has to go to Game Masters that handle billing rather than game play. This may take a little bit of time.

While you cannot directly talk to a Game Master in game, when they reply you will be notified at the support website and you should receive an email.

Hopefully you hear back from them soon. Good luck.

Hello guys! Yesterday i have bought omega status from steam by PayPal. Steam send me email with verification, that i payed for omega. Then i entered the game, and there is not omega! What can i do with this problem.

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Hi @Grant_Rodgers,

Any purchase made through Steam can only be redeemed on an Eve account created and linked to your Steam account.

If your player account was created through Eve Online’s website then you will need to send in a support ticket to CCP via Make sure you give them your steam payment ID so that the Game Masters can help or advice you.

I have this exact same problem and created a support ticket exactly as mentioned… is it normal to not have heard something after 3 days??

@Marf_James Support ticket response times will varies based on a whole number of factors including ticket volume, number of staff on duty and the ticket complexity. Hopefully you will hear something soon.

Sorry to hear about the trouble, our GMs will find a fair solution to this that I’m sure you’ll be happy with. Like Stall already explained the reply times vary a little but billing issues have a pretty high priority.
We never had phone support or a real time chat system and we’ve always relied on the ticket system. I hope you get your reply real soon! And welcome back :slight_smile:

Yeah well normal. In fact you’re doing quite well. I just had a 38 day ticket answered :slight_smile:

Keep waiting… …

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