Does the Help system still work?

I joined in January and had problems signing in. During that time I unknowingly created a number of accounts. I eventually got signed up and continued to play. I liked the game so I decided to pay for 3 months Omega time, I wondered why this was not credited to me and then found that it had been credited to an account that I did not know about (created when I started up!). This account has never been used so I have asked for this and any others to be deleted and the one account that I use continually to be credited with my Omega time. That was 4 days ago - I have lost all that training time because training was frozen, today I lost a ship because I could not cloak! I am close to demanding the return of my Omega payment and closing this down, What is going on here?

sorry to hear that, GM’s should be able to help. you might as well open tickets from both accounts, and make sure you’ve categorized the tickets correctly because certain things like payment/cant log in are prioritized over other questions


  1. Open ticket.

2.Wait 6 days.

3.Solve the problem yourself.

4.Write on the ticket that the problem is solved.

5.After 1-2 days, the master comes in and gives you 3 days of omega.

6.Be happy.

Thank you for responding Nicen, I called the ticket “Account Problems” - is that not important enough? Who do I talk to to get my Omega payment returned?

I assumed your tickets were “Applied wrong omega, move to this account” + “Applied wrong omega, move to other account” rather than a refund. Either way Account Problems seems like a fine category to me.

Are u emplying that eve support is totally useless and they even jocke on our issue?
I have the same feeling, just for information…

Well, contacting support will then allow you to receive compensation in the form of subscription days. In addition, if you still can’t decide on your own, then in a week you will begin a dialogue. And most likely within a week you will be able to solve the problem.
I encounter a problem in this game about every two weeks.
9 times out of 10 I find a solution on my own or on some forum.

I still think they simply don’t care about their customer thinking we are addicted and we will never leave the boat…
Now if I try to login the ticket I opened I got a dns errorScreenshot_1

A! One more error! Welcome to the club! This will continue all the time! Almost every online multiplayer game brings its players misery about once a week. In this case, I’m not sure, but it seems to me that this solution can help you. It seems you cannot reach the site.
Good lluck!

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