Paid for 3 months but not applied to my account

1 day after purchasing 3 months of Omega time and entering game I checked the Pilot’s Services tab and it showed 3 Days until Omega state expires.
I submitted a support ticket & instantly received an automated email that stated someone was reviewing, (or going to) my billing issue.
Next morning I logged in to account @ Account Management and it indicated Omega is going to expire in a few days also.
I used the chat option on that page to speak to a GM & I explained what was going on & was told they can’t do anything & to submit a ticket. I figured submitting another ticket regarding the same issue would only complicate matters & possibly delay my previous ticket.

Now there’s 2 days left on my Omega state & not a word from Billing.
Anyone have an issue with billing like this ?

If you submitted ticket and waiting for GM reply, we can’t do anything more. They probably still have hand full of work after DDoS so time of resolving might be bit longer

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Some payment methods may take several days (usually up to 3) to process. Not sure if that is the reason for you.


review your receipt and see if you can tell if you purchased it for the correct account

Been 3 days now since I paid for continued Omega and not a peep from Support.

Before paying I confirmed I was on the correct account.

UPDATED: Just had a chat with a GM, Support Ticket turn around time is currently about 8 days.

FINAL UPDATE Everything good now. 5 days to resolve the issue.

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