Omega time pass

Sadly I didn’t notice that omega time through steam goes to the steam account and now I’m looking for a way to transfer it if even possible. I bought it 3 hours ago when I realized and made a support ticket still to no avail. Blessed be whom manages to help cause this is starting to become quite the pain.

it should be possible to transfer it to another account (i’ve had them do it when I accidentally applied plex to the wrong account)
however 3 hours for a response is a very short amount of time, you just need to be patient, depending on how busy they are it can take a couple days to hear back. however once they do get around to your ticket i’ve found the response time for subsequent communication is pretty quick.

Ok thanks a lot. Glad they can indeed pass omega time from one account to another ^^

yeah, they are usually pretty good about it.
I’ve also found the more information you can give them in your initial ticket (what account it got applied to, which account it needs to go to, etc) the more streamlined the process becomes.

and I would also suggest you open the ticket from the account that had the game time added to it, rather than from the one it needs to go to. little bit less checking is required if you are trying to give away game time to another account that if you are trying to take it.

Thanks about that, I basically copied the first ticket I did and I sent additional info (account credentials, screenshots of both accounts logged in, transaction through steam etc.) I’d guess that’s more than enough for now.

Did you update your old ticket or did you make a new one?

are you referring to omega time on a ccp account, transferring to steam, or from steam to a ccp account? I don’t think it will work that way.

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