Clone states

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I have come back to eve after a long break. paid for omega clone state for my main I bring my alts online to find their all still alpha. Before you had to sub each alt for them to get sub rewards that was my mistake for I find all alts should be omega if account is omega so I’m in for $264.00 and my alts are still alpha. the problem is the total lack of support no in game support I can find and you put in a ticket and after auto response no contact. I would think an account problem would be high on support radar but I was mistaken

(Wander Prian) #2

Patience. The GM’s work pretty fast in cases like this. It may not be instant and you won’t hear from a GM until they have fixed your problem, but they do pretty quick and thorough job

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You made 2 identical threads about this issue. Check my answer in the other one.

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