Bugged Clone States On Sisi

I’m stumped here. For some reason the clone states on all my accounts on Sisi are set to “Alpha” even though when I check the character sheet it says “Omega” until April but has the little alpha symbol next to it (wut?). All of my accounts have been Omega since the last mirror back in September with no lapses or issues. I even tried buying plex on Sisi and applying it and it added a month to my Omega time but did not switch it from Alpha state. I appear to be stuck in both states and am so confused I don’t know whether to eat beans or go blind.
Yesterday all was fine. Today all is borked. Is there anything I can do?

Update: I logged in today and only the account I bought plex on and applied yesterday has finally switched from Alpha to Omega. The others were all still showing Alpha icon but saying Omega next to it and it was treating them as if they were Alpha. I bought plex on them as well and applied it and relogged and now everything is back to Omega across the board. Very weird. Not sure why I had to wait 24 hours on the first account to get it to switch to Omega but the others seemed to switch as soon as I relogged (yes I relogged multiple times on the first account yesterday but it didn’t work).

TL;DR - Whatever was borked seems to have fixed itself. All my accounts are back to Omega now on Sisi.

This weirdly just happens sometimes, and relog or downtime will typically fix it. Sometimes Sisi gets a little confused.

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