My account on Sisi is Alpha when I'm Omega

(St Devil) #1

I tried the /omega slash command but it doesn’t work.
I didn’t tested with my other chars that are the accounts under which you can find ‘Fear Maman’ and ‘Qukiscisme’
I contacted the support team but they can’t help me.

Can someone fix this?.


(Omnathious Deninard) #2

Buy some PLEX from the market, it’s 100 isk each

(MinerArt) #3

You probably just resubscribed between logs to the test server.

(ISD Sakimura) #4

whether or not an account is Alpha or Omega on SISI is dependent on what status the account had when the Mirror was done.

(St Devil) #5

Easy, I didn’t think of it. Thanks.

(system) #6

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