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Hi recently came back to the game after 7yr break and I am wondering what are the support SLA’s for tickets (in game issues), I can see some people have posted waiting upto a month.

I know support is traditionally terrible on MMO’s, seems to be an area most gaming companies fail on, but at least have some level of communication on tickets, after all if you are Omega, or have paid money on Alpha, you are a paying customer, and paying for support.

A lot depends on the nature of the request - they are prioritized. Some are actioned in minutes, others - particularly those that are miscategorized, require research or security issues can take a long time.

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SLA… If you paid 1500 $ a month I would agree, but well…
It’s short for “Service Level Agreement”, so don’t you remember what level you agreed to, after hours of tough negotiations with CCP sales department?
I don’t think there is any SLA with private customers like us, because it’s expensive and the contract value is ridiculous.


It varies depending on the request. I have had some resolved in an hour, others take a week.

Lol still see that after 7 years eve still has the sarky responses, did SLA offend or trigger you in some way haha, so if you buy a product from Amazon and want to return it or have a problem with it and get no response for say 4 weeks, your happy with that are you, after all you did not pay £1500 on a contract with them lol, see how stupid your response is.
We have purchased a product does not matter if it is a subscription, digital goods or a physical item, with that we get a degree of support, so it is nice to know what level of support and response times we should be expecting, which as I said is traditionally very poor on MMO’s.

Thankyou to the other 2 people that responded, I will wait a while longer then.

Lol maybe not try and sound stupid by trying to sound smart and using stupid acronyms like that haha.

Video game problems can be more complex than that. Its not as simple as “I bought X, i want a refund”.

And yes, if you bought an item on Amazon, and the seller just shipped it, and you wanted a refund, you would absolutely have to wait 4 weeks, or longer, for the item to arrive, and then have to return it, before you get your refund.

Sure. But if someone is unable to play the game, and your problem is that your chat window is laggy and the words you type get delayed before they are posted in the chat room, which problem do you think CCP would prioritize first?

The problem with MMOs, is that there are tens of thousands of players playing, and in many cases each have a unique problem that needs to be dealt with, need to be looked into. CCP isnt Amazon, they do not have thousands and thousands of employees across the world. Sometimes only Devs can understand the problem and offer fixes. The complexity of an MMO is beyond that of buying something off amazon, not liking it and wanting to return it, which is more than likely most of all the issues regarding Amazon.

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