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I’m a returning player after a number of years away. I’ve been playing on and off since release, mostly off to be honest - but Eve is still very appealing to me. I was looking into getting back and my intent was to try out some abyssal gameplay and see where that would lead me.

I have some older chars, focused on other areas of the game and my intent was to skill extract and create a new char for my current plans. As I was getting into Eve again, there was a 2 for 1 extractor sale and I thought this would be a good time to swap things around skillpoint-wise.

I was planning to do my purchase on the last day of the sale, but I didn’t realize that the sale would stop early - most likely with the daily downtime. I reached out to player support a couple of hours after the downtime, thinking there must be a way of being able to make the purchase…after all, what company does not want to make a sale?

It’s now been almost two weeks since, and I’ve reached out to player support twice already - being told 'someone will look at your ticket as soon as possible. Frankly, I find the lack of action on this ticket concerning. Most companies acting in this space would prioritize purchase attempts rather highly and I’m only able to interpret this lack of action and communication as a very distressing signal of the state of the game.

I did spend some money already, but as I’m typing this out - I realize I don’t want to engage with a product where the support functions for players are this reduced. I’ll be canceling any recurring costs and doubt I’ll be spending much time in Eve in the future.


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If they have a large ticket queue, they try to get to the most important ones first. Trying to cash in on a sale that ended probably isnt high on their radar.

Ive got some answered quick and others that still havent, the ones that havent arent super important compared to the ones answered quick

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