We spend good money to play this game yet we suffer when it comes to solid support and tickets get put off and ignored or you will not take the time to comment on the issue.
As the whole ecinomic situation is trashed by you the owners selling in game currency (not out siders alone) it would seem to me you could afford to provide solid support to those who pay for your vacations.
I have been screwed over by your team before when I provided truthful answers and everytime you do this just because you feel someone may be getting over on you drives another person away from the game. As they say better to let 100 crimnals go then to send one inocent man to jail.
Take this approach with your customer base because trust me brother people are not happy.
It’s your future.

No, clown, its yours.

yes It is common for people to stick up for the game they play and I do to buy paying for it but would your buy rotten meat at the store and swallow it ?
Not a Troll posting platform.

are you serious?

I have played this game off and on since 2003. The customer support has not changed since that time. It is very aloof and barely functional. I quit for several years twice because of it. I feel your pain. I am having an issue also, after just a week of being back from a five year hiatus. Nothing has changed.

Yeah I waited just over 2 weeks for the standard tuff luck answer, it’s all about the RMT and they are the biggest offenders CCP

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