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Yesterday my card was charged for 6 game months.

I did not renew the subscription and did not come into the game for more than 2 months! I’m not going to play in the near future! I

Half a year ago I bought a six-month subscription with a discount, I did not make any settings related to the automatic renewal of the subscription.

I want to cancel the payment

I created a support ticket but no answer for more than a day.

I soooo want to troll this thread. Soooo bad. I mean, someone who’s never used the internet before ought to get trolled at least once when they deserve it, right? So they know what they are in for?

You should discuss it with support. Give them time to answer, 24h isn’t that long and today a new expansion came out so they’ll be even busier than usual.

But generally their subscriptions auto-renew unless you specifically cancel them. Technically you did authorize them to do this (in other words, this is a case of not reading the fine print). Whether they give enough warning about it beforehand or not is something that one might debate.

When I bought a subscription for 6 months I already had an active subscription for 1 month, I made this purchase because there was a discount. I did not know that this purchase will replace my monthly subscription!

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Because you appear to be new to the internet, forums are where you go to talk to players. At best, you’ll get a player volunteer. Devs mostly avoid the forums altogether (I think I’ve seen maybe 1%-2% of the devs on the forums ever.) And the devs that do occasionally come to the forums do NOT have access to your account information. There isn’t a business in the world that does customer service in open forums. Telling the whole world how you screwed up will just get you mocked.


That is true. On the other hand I do understand very well, how OP feels. Just yesterday I found out, CCP charged another month from me, though I remember to ‘uncheck’ the ‘recurring’ box. Suddenly you see money lifted from your wallet, despite the fact , that you , as you thought, did every thing to avoid this. I used to PLEX account for years and payed only twice for last two months with real money (no time to grind the ISK). Now I am very disappointed with CCP, canceled subscription and I seriosly doubt I will switch from alpha state any time in the future.

I just think that there are people at the forum who are faced with a similar problem and have experience in solving it. I did not expect developers to read it.

If you think that this topic is not the place, you can inform the forum moderator if there is such an opportunity.

Will be nice to have auto renew off so that players have to tick it on or maybe a popup box asking for auto renew?

There are and their experience is to write a support ticket and wait for customer support to answer it. :wink:

It will be nice, i think renew confirmation is necessary when it concerns real money. I also understand that this is not in the interests of the CCP )

I don’t know if they also tell you about it in the confirmation e-mail, but they very clearly and openly state it in the confirmation dialog after payment success. Same with the overview page you see first after logging into account management.

CCP is up-front about it. All you have to do is read those 3 sentences on the payment confirmation page. Afair, there’s even a link there to cancel the renewal right away.

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i think this is why prepaid debit cards were invented…

The question is solved. Payment is refunded.

I was also auto charged like 20 minutes ago for extra three months of Omega.
I extended deliberately three months ago because of nice discount and sentimental reasons but wasn’t playing much. I wasn’t even aware that they also set it on auto.

Dear CCP, it’s common business practice to warn your customers before:

  • something is about to expire
  • you plan to charge money for something
    In both cases I wasn’t warned.

I already asked for refund and I hope that I will get it


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Saw this thread whilst not able to play due to socket closures.

What I do when purchasing a subscription of 3, 6 or 12 months is to go into the account after paying and cancel the subscription that way you can be sure it won’t charge you in 3, 6 or 12 months for a renewed subscription.

You can see what days remain on one of the characters tabs in-game so you can easily keep track of when you need to re-subscribe.

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