Auto renewal of subscriptions

It would be really good if when paying by Credit Card if there was a button to select either auto subscribe or No auto subscribe.

I have mentioned this many times while going thru the tedious process of selecting cancel subscription, and then providing the reasons why for each account.

For some reason my suggestion gets ignored. This has been going on for years.
And to top it off, I’ve had auto subscribe turned back on several times on several accounts.

It seems to be random and I’ve never been able to pinpoint if it was my mistake or the system screwing up but I’m very suspicious.

Today I got notice of two payments, one of which was bogus and I had to contact CPP to verify that my Credit Card had in fact not been charged.

Within that process i discovered two of my accounts had their auto subscribe turned back on. What the hey?

All very annoying. It cannot possibly be that difficult to embody a selection switch at time of payment via Credit card. One that works. :slight_smile:


That would be a good idea. I was actually looking for that switch myself and never found one. The alternative I used was to add a reminder in my Outlook 5 days before the renewal to ask myself if I want to manually end it.

I agree!

Why would CCP dedicate manpower towards something that will make them less money?


Is that mandatory? If it is, that practice should end too.

Considering that any other subscription based service on internet works that way… Don’t waste your time asking.

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It’s a subscription, that’s how they work. It’s annoying to run in to but it’s really just your/our own lack of realisation and effort going “oh yeah it’s a sub so lets cancel it after starting”.

Yup That’s how subscriptions work.

Here’s the thing. Most of those specials being pushed are NOT subs, yet when finished continue as one. Like the 3&3 up now. It reverts to a three month single sub at completion. Not a continuation of 3&3 for $50. Just a 3 at $40.

Also. Just because “everyone is doing it” doesn’t make it right. It just means CCP are scumbags like everyone else.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Magazine subscriptions work similarly. “Hey, we’ll give you a free try and buy.” The some large percentage of folks never get around to cancelling.

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I wanted to get the 3 month + 3month MCT again but I got screwed by the auto renewal.
Guess they didn’t want the extra 10 bucks.

It adds on to whatever you already have

No it doesn’t.
If that was the case it would have bought me the 3 month + 3 month MCT again.
I bought the 3+3MCT three months ago and when it ended it put me into a 15 bucks a month auto pay subscription.
If I had a choice I would have opted for the 3 month + 3 month MCT again.

If you already have a sub going, when you purchase a 3 + 3 or any deal they have, it just stacks on top of what you currently have.

Say you purchased a year sub and a month later you buy the 3+3. You now have an additional 3 months on your sub.

But no its not going to auto pick anything but the sub.


I live in USA, payment goes to Iceland, my CC has fraud protection that rejects overseas transactions unless they are pre-authorized. If I don’t click unsubscribe before the auto renew, I get a fraud alert and my card is suspended until I contact customer support at cc company. A pre-authorization takes 5 minuets, removing the hold takes an hour or more.
I know CCP wants my money, but auto renew puts an unnecessary hurdle in my way.

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