Account Management: Auto-payment

Would the CSM discuss the possibility of introducing a master toggle to cancel auto-payment please, if if has not already come up in your topics of conversation.
My issue with auto-payment is that it frequently catches-out those who are least able to pay for the game they enjoy and often pay for the least efficient plans.
If you, like me, can only justify intermittent omega, getting caught out by auto-payment seriously damages willingness to contribute at all.

What is the argument for insisting that users manually cancel auto-payment each time they agree to a payment plan?

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Simply don’t sign up to auto-payment systems, buy gametime via other one off puchase means. PLEX, GTC’s, gift cards and apply those to the account.

Pull based payments are not favourable to the buyer and rife with mistakes and overcharging and cancellation problems.

This is also a problem with their devkey requirement, we have to sign up payments to this stuff to get a devkey (which I will never allow PKCE with my devkey on my released apps, the user brings their own devkey to use it so they take the payment risk and usage liability) and that risks the above problems of mistakes, overcharging and cancellation problems.

Because they know most people will forget and they will make more due to it.

Because they know those who DO forget likely will NOT dispute or revoke or complain as it’s under the $25 mark that many banks charge for the chargeback (and some, like PayPal, outright reject game refunds now… Steam has been adopting this as well; so it is hot potato while everyone tries to keep the cost out of their pocket and in yours).

I no longer sub long term when mandatory auto-renew is present. A company willing to engage in this kind of #badfaith practice may as well say, “We’re going to make it as difficult as possible for you to unsubscribe because ■■■■ consumer rights.”

I ain’t down with it. So they get small bits because I cannot trust them to deal with me equitably.

All of which is a long way of saying, “I toss my 0.02 isk in the pot to signal agreement.”

It’s easy to go in and cancel the auto payment.

It is every bit as tedious as the beta cloud client “forgetting” your settings and significantly more expensive.

1 Like / log in and right on the screen i see cancel sub or change sub plan… how is that tedious?

not trying to be a smartass about this, but its right there.

Is it tedious to you to reply to a question you have already been asked and answered?

i get that all the time every single day in my profession and every few weeks from the same person…

I sympathise.
Your fortitude is impressive.
If you can remedy such discomfort, maybe you should.

I’ve been caught out by auto-payment many times over the years.
Part of the problem is the self-recrimination I feel when failing to execute such a simple procedure. It does not to lead to good feelings towards myself or CCP.
It is a pain point that could be addressed.
I just want to understand if there is a reason why it has not been made a global one time answer toggle.


It’s easy to give the user the opportunity to explicitly indict their preferences during the transaction, too.

Counting on user error, even as an edge case, rather than implementing a basic heuristic to avoid user error is not good business practice. Plus, it makes you look more conniving than you may, in reality, actually be.


I will bring it up.


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