I want to cancel my subscription

Due to the latest changes in the game, blackout, cloaky campers and others I want to cancel the game subscription.

I did it in July and they have charged me the month of August, I do it this month from account management and they have charged me again in September. It gives the impression that this system is failing because it does not cancel the account from that option or they simply manipulate it, I want to cancel the subscription or I will take measures.


Delete your credit card data or PayPal data from the account management site. There is an option for that.
There is also the option under Game Time -> Cancel Subscription, which ends your subscription. But I guess you used that and it kept charging you.

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I did it last month but that option didn’t work because they charged me for the month

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have you cancelled auto billing? i use that and it works for me, but if youve tried that then you will need to raise a ticket, forum wont sort it for you

I will gladly relieve you of your valuables. Contract them to me.

I would have been automatically charged for new sub if I had enough money on account (lucky for me I didn’t). Trying to investigate an option to cancel reocurring payment I didn’t find any option, nor I see where my credit card information is stored.
Already filed a ticket, but question remains, where do I cancel auto-charging? I want to have more control on when and how my sub is paid.

I cancelled several times and it always worked in above mentioned way. Hope to see you back one day!

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