Credit card inconvenience

Hello. Very much it isn’t convenient to untie credit cards in a private office. For convenience there isn’t enough menu of the minimum information on the linked cards and a fast way of removal or the menu of inclusion and shutdown of autopayment. Already several times I didn’t manage to remove the credit card for autopayment shutdown, and in connection with an unstable situation, there isn’t always enough money :frowning:
My offer to improve credit card transactions to quickly turn off or connect auto payment, remove. Very uncomfortable now done. Add an alert about the imminent payment due date to email and in-game mail. For automatic payment, you can make a simple switch and a simple “Remove credit card” button.
This will make life a lot easier for ordinary players. And automatic debit of funds without warning is wrong and very ugly. Different people have different situations in life, and writing off money without warning in advance can put a person in a difficult life situation.

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It takes like 3 clicks to remove card and stop auto payment…

Just because they don’t make it as difficult as some other companies do to turn off autobilling/cancel accounts, that still doesn’t mean it’s not anti-consumer. It just means its not an egregious example.