Credit card inconvenience

Hello. Very much it isn’t convenient to untie credit cards in a private office. For convenience there isn’t enough menu of the minimum information on the linked cards and a fast way of removal or the menu of inclusion and shutdown of autopayment. Already several times I didn’t manage to remove the credit card for autopayment shutdown, and in connection with an unstable situation, there isn’t always enough money :frowning:
My offer to improve credit card transactions to quickly turn off or connect auto payment, remove. Very uncomfortable now done. Add an alert about the imminent payment due date to email and in-game mail. For automatic payment, you can make a simple switch and a simple “Remove credit card” button.
This will make life a lot easier for ordinary players. And automatic debit of funds without warning is wrong and very ugly. Different people have different situations in life, and writing off money without warning in advance can put a person in a difficult life situation.


It takes like 3 clicks to remove card and stop auto payment…

Just because they don’t make it as difficult as some other companies do to turn off autobilling/cancel accounts, that still doesn’t mean it’s not anti-consumer. It just means its not an egregious example.

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It will be much more convenient. And you need one click to switch automatic payment and remove a credit card, you can still see which credit card is linked.

I don’t know from where you have this one, but it’s not a ccp website

thats why you use paypal and not a credit card.

I cannot even obtain a credit card, and in fact, issues like this are why I don’t even actually want one. It just becomes a problem not having one because so many companies do not offer cash or near cash solutions.

That said its actually hard for me to understand why people consent to automatic timed withdrawals and credit card payments in the first place. I am a pretty lazy guy, but there is no way I am going to be lazy about the amount of money those things put at risk. I would rather have to authorize each and every payment, inputting my pin number and/or passwords each and every time.

But yes indeed it should be easy as pie to get out of such a system when you decide to stop the service. Yes, every company should send an advance warning of such a coming charge or withdrawal. But it all comes down to why should they bother? So long as people keep accepting the risks and being lazy, and there is no risk to the company not bothering, most of them just won’t.

I think its too late for the OP, but anyone who cannot accept a loss like that needs to take charge of their finances and never accept an automatic payment or withdrawal if its possible. I have only one and its for my cell phone bill. It was literally the only way I could get cell phone service. All other bills I pay in cash at the convenience store, which I can do in Japan. I had to fight some companies for my right to do this. But if you value your money, you have to fight to keep it and manage it. Its a sad fact of life.

As much as I approve of the concept the OP presented, it will take an organized consumer advocacy group to lobby world governments to guarantee it happens as it should everywhere. Never hurts to ask a company though. Good luck.

Where to begin…

Okay, so, firstly to the OP, you said:

This is wrong in the way you present this. You consented to the automatic withdrawals when you agreed to the terms, and you also have the choice immediately after a payment goes through to simply alter your payment information so there couldn’t be an automatic withdrawal. Plus, you can find out how much time you have left before your next charge via Pilot Services in-game on on your Account page on the web. You can also take financial responsibility and document the next payment date on any variety of calendar you have access to, be it virtual or in a physical planner or diary.

Now, for this:

This I understand, in that I get it, based on all you’ve provided, you haven’t had to rely on yourself to take care of your own financial responsibilities. And I don’t say that to be cruel or judgmental. There are a lot of people out there these days that have no clue on personal financial management, such as simple budgeting or planning and accounting for their expenses.

This, again, is very misleading. When consumers set these things up they’re agreeing to the withdrawals. Why should it be up to the vendor to remind every one of their customers of upcoming payments? The cost alone to implement that sort of thing would only drive-up payments and it assumes the consumer keeps their contact information, such as their email address, cell number for SMS etc., updated. The simple and easiest solution is that the consumer themselves takes on the responsibility for making sure automatic payments will be covered. That gives them the ultimate control. They can take action in advance if a payment cannot be met.

It’s not a perfect world and crap happens, and payments bounce, etc., but in the main curve of this stuff it shouldn’t be up to the vendor. There is enough information and such for the consumer to simply plan and budget for these things. All of my monthly payments are automatic withdrawals with the exception of my credit card payments. All of my utilities and bills are handled this way. I don’t have to worry about a late payment, and yes, I take a look at my bank account and ensure everything is order at least on a weekly basis, usually several times a week. I take charge of looking after myself. No stress.

Yes, you’re correct in that it comes down to laziness, and of course bad habits of not taking the responsibility yourself.

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Clicking a button with no choice to opt-out of auto-renewal is not really “consent.”

Plus, you have to wait a while for the charge to go through before you can cancel the auto-renewal.

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Shut your presumptive face about personal things you know nothing about and are not even related to the thread, which was not opened by me. This was about credit cards and they are hardly the end all be all of financial responsibility. Neither are automatic payments. I have owned 8 cars in my life and I paid cash for every single one. NOT being a credit card/ loan slave is a sign of financial responsibility but without my life story this cannot be judged either way. So SHUT UP about my personal character which you know nothing about.

If that is how you want to term leaving your finances to the automatic payment systems of corporations, fine. If you wish to present that as the polar opposite of laziness, well you go right ahead.

You probably think “Coke or Pepsi” qualifies as a legitimate list of drink choices. The internet is chock full of companies offering us either 1) unfair terms or 2) no service of any kind. The internet is also chock full of fools who think that’s just fine and correct as corporations trample us like feudal lords.

I already mentioned the fact that I have one and only one automatic payment and this is because I was left with the non-choice of accepting that garbage or not having a cell phone. Its BS and people like you who try to tell us that’s all well and good and who damage the fight for our rights in the process push the bile to my throat. To me “taking charge” is not equivalent to acceptance of corporate abuse. Because of people like YOU, people like ME have an uphill battle fighting for what is RIGHT.

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