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Well this might be an odd one, but it is not one that I would see discussed much. I just talked to a GM via the eveonline site about changing the credit card used to pay for Omega time. Basically I was told if we wish to do this, we need to cancel the subscription (reoccurring) and re-subscribe with the new payment method. Well this is an odd bug, not being able to change the payment method. So I asked if there is a suggestion box for the site developers to add that little functionality. Believe it or not, I was suggested to talk to the CSM about it, have you all bring it up to the developers! I did not expect this, but hey, you all here are cool ass people. I’ve been following EVE for a while now, and have enjoyed many aspects of the gameplay.

So I have 2 suggestions.

  1. Add the functionality of the site to allow for a change in payment method without the need of canceling your subscription (it is a work around that seems wrong to me to be honest).

  2. Add the functionality to have a simple suggestion box on the site. This whole post is unnecessary if that simple function was implemented and I can just say “Add a method to change payment methods to a reoccurring subscription”.


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I don’t really have an opinion about streamlining people’s ability to change payment methods. I do, however, have an opinion about the suggestion box, which I am strictly opposed to.

For one, there is absolutely no reason that devs should waste their time reading ideas that can’t survive player scrutiny and build consensus. And two, even ideas with merit can benefit from community discussion and the feedback of people from different play styles.

You cancel upcoming payment. Just remove your current card and throw money at CCP again when your omega will run out. Using new card.

Pretty sure it could boost their morale :wink:

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