Feedback on Omega/General

I have a few things I would like to bring to the attention of the game devs regarding the current way some aspects of Eve Online are working.

Firstly the fact that even paying for Omega you are not able to train skills on more than one character on the same account without paying extra (twice the sub in real cash or the same cost of a plex for game time in in-game isk) is utterly unacceptable especially as the sub is now the same cost as other MMO’s such as Wow. It is fair enough this wouldn’t be included for Alpha Clones though.

Additionally the 10 hour wait when deleting a character is ridiculous as there is no reason the slot could not be free immediately since every other MMO when you delete a character it is gone right away. They do hold onto the name still for a time in some but that does not mean the slot has to be held to do this.

I love the game very much but these two things make it hard to convince friends to play eve as these are fundamental things you would expect to not have to worry about if paying to play the game.

As a people who use SaaS (software as service) and begin to do some many years ago (1995) i can tell u this :

  • The model of the online business service is around the “slots” of the package. Example, domains in website hosting plans, databases in packages, space in email accounts. Other MMO sell one time payments for extras, example, a 10-20 usd space for a 4th slot will be the equivalent. You cant ask for them to change the business model, chhecking for many years (15 soon), and if you use extractors / inyectors can have three characters learning at the same timne for less price. You are basically asking for a 66% permanent discount.
  • For tracebility purposes the 10 hours ia needed. Difficult clean money or erase characters by a dubm room mate or avengeful expartner (first can done if you go bathroom and logged) and second if she know your password.

They are doing well and this are not normal, because you are a six year old characters. Is strange.

I’m not sure I get your complaints. You do get access to all three characters on you account just like every other MMO with multiple characters. In other games those alts also don’t progress if you don’t log them in. Eve uses a time-based training system which is different, but you can still switch your training to whatever character you have logged in. And now we also have activity-based progression via injectors, so you also can gain progression by just playing an alt character. It’s pretty much the same as other MMOs.

It’s like having all the XP or levels earned on one character apply to all your alts in a fantasy MMO. Sure, CCP could make that happen but it does seem a strange request that would impact their revenue and affect game balance. I see no reason why the current status quo would keep people away, especially those use to the progression via grinding model of most MMOs.

As for the deletion timer, while I could see that such a thing might annoy a new player who didn’t know about it the first time, it’s hardly an issue to keep your friends away. How often does one actually delete a character? And now, given accounts are free you can have as many character slots as you want on multiple accounts so if you are serially creating and deleting characters for some reason, there is no reason to limit yourself to just three slots.

Well I have just been trying to introduce my fiancé to the game and those are issues he has seen with the current way the game works. I know Eve is quite different in general to other MMO’s but from what I have seen skill injectors are still extremely expensive and don’t give a great deal of skill points for that price.

Fair enough.

Skill Injectors are indeed expensive. A rough calculation has it so 852M ISK/Injector for 1 week equivalent of training means that a newer player earning say 50M/ISK hour will take 2-3 hours to earn enough ISK to buy 24h worth of skill points. Probably not worth it.

The equation changes a bit if you start accessing more lucrative activities, but for a new player, that ISK is better spent on new ships and implants than additional training or training for an alt.

Still, you don’t really need alts, especially when you are starting out. I know some people are altaholics and like to have a stable of characters but when I started years ago before injectors and alpha clones, all I did was switch the training queue around between my main and my alt. I got some basic combat skills, and then spent a month or two training up a trader/hauler alt while I moved up the mission system on my main which is pretty much all I can imagine you would need as a true new player. If you really want to embrace alts to try out different things or whatever, you can make multiple accounts which will train for free as alphas for a good while albeit slowly.

I guess it all depends what your goals are and what you find fun. Playing the game, especially with frigates and even cruisers doesn’t require much at all in the way of skills. Even free alpha accounts can pilot these ships credibly well in a short time although if you are industrially-minded, they aren’t nearly as useful as a full omega account.

It’s much better and quicker to get into Eve now than before, but clearly Eve is still not an instant gratification type of game. That is both a good and bad thing I guess.

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