CCP - Let us log in more than 1 character per account, for a price!

1 character per account: 100% omega price
2 characters per account: +50%
3 characters per account: +50%

this is NOT training at the same time, just simply log in and play at the same time

so for example, if i pay 10 a month for omega
then to log in 2 characters at same time, i would pay 15
and to log in 3 characters at same time i would pay 20


Wouldn’t it be better to ‘augment’ the omega on a account, so that your characters can train and be played at the same time?

So you sub or plex 3x, allowing you to have an account with 3 omega characters. I suggest this because you can easily have alts be injected and thus specialized and get to use them at half price, having them not train is irrelevant for a 50% discount. I think merging accounts together and allowing those who like to fly with 40+ accounts have to deal with only 10-15 accounts vs 30+, if they just omega all their characters 3x per account.

Still, a good idea that would help player micromanagement.

OMG, it’s not a bad idea, are you ok @Scat_Lover, not sick, drunk? :crazy_face:

Surely at least allow multiple chars if the skill queues are running.

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I see no reason not to be able to do this with the caveat.

It is also why I wonder just htf any multiple character training certs sell whatsoever, since it makes more sense to have the toon on a separate account and plex it when you have enough isk.

initially I have my main account and another account that are both omega. I was going to add 2 more toons to each account. I was like 19.99 for 2 more accounts only to see that its 19.99 for each. 60 dollars a month?
x 2 accounts? 120. a month.

ok… that changes everything. .lol… I didn’t mind the account transfer cost. (20.00) but that was. one time fee.

I agree with your assessment. The number of skill queues you have running on an account would be the number of characters from that account you can log on with. Seems straightforward enough.

And stop calling me Shirley…


What about just having the multiple character certificate also allow you to use 1 additional toon at the same time in your account? What do you think @Scat_Lover

I find it appalling that for 3 chars you need to spend 60 (about) a month on that account. yes, its not wow but even then… I could see your point at least having 2 chars per account with training skills…

in the long run, I’ll make some omega account toons, max them out and transfer them.

The main problem is isolating the data for those characters - would probably need to completely rewrite the client and I don’t see that happening any time soon. The current setup works well for industrial characters since a lot of activity - like research and manufacturing is background - you only need to login to submit or deliver jobs.

it would be nice if we could just have one account, with infinite characters on it. and we can have 1 character online for every PLEX subscription that account has active.

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