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So if I have an omega account, can I make 3 characters, train PI to L4 (not at the same time) and have 15 planets operating at the same time? Paying for only 1 omega account, that is?

I guess the question is: Do all 3 characters benefit from being omega, as in can they use omega skills, just not train at the same time?

Yes you can train all 3, just not at the same time.

All 3 characters will be Omega if the account is Omega.

You can also train more than 1 character at once, you just pay extra for the priveledge.

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Huh, whaddaya know. I never saw the advantage to having alts in the same account. Now I do. Thanks!

Yup. As long as you don’t need them logged in at the same time then training alts on the same account is very useful. PI, research, hauling, market, etc. And then as you said you don’t need to pay to maintain an extra account.

Also if you use Plex you will notice the multiple training certificate on the new Eden store is cheaper than a month of game time. So it can be cost effective to train other characters on the same account at the same time then stop training them once they are at whatever skills they need. Then they still can use them as Omega as long as you maintain Omega on the “main” of the account.

Even if you use +5 implants and a remap to train, the cost per sp using the MTC for the alt is way less than injectors especially as the alts get to higher sp levels. Of course you can also pause your main to train the alts as well if you don’t care about simultaneous training.

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and, when you get interested in pvp, you can have one subcap alt, one dread alt. You can have one mining alt. Just be aware that you cannot log them at the same time. So if you need, for example, a cyno alt, it has to be on a separate account

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