Single Account versus Multiple Accounts - Advantages and Disadvantages

This question asked a lot, so I decided to make a thread. Hopefully, this will help players to find the answers they are looking for.

Multiple Omega Accounts
+Allows you to multi-box
+Cheapest way to train multiple characters if paying cash
-You have to pay for each account to keep your characters omega

Single Omega Account
Good if you only want to do limited omega training on 2nd or 3rd character and don’t need to multibox (i.e. P.I. Alt, Trading Alt)
+Only have to pay for one account to keep omega status on all of them
+Cheapest way to train multiple characters if paying isk (through Multiple Pilot Training Certificates)
-Can’t Multibox

Multiple Alpha Accounts
Good if you want to try the game out, or for low skill alts (i.e. Market Alt, Ganking Alt)
+Allows you to train multiple accounts up to 5mil SP for free
-Can only train up to 5 mil SP (need plex, daily injectors, or a sub after that)
-Severe Ship and Skill Restrictions
-Can’t Multibox


I’d add trading alt to the single omega bit.

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