New account or multiple character

So i am currently a solo playing character by that i mean i am in a corp etc but do only play 1 character at a time, i am wondering which is the best path to take:- should i

a. open a new account for the purpose of a 2nd character

b.start multiple character training on my main account for the same purpose

at the moment i am thinking 2nd account.

This, if you plan on multi-boxing them, meaning having them both logged in at same time. Both accounts must be Omega.

This if your goal is only to have additional PI, Manufacturing, Research, Copying (etc.) characters.

Sakimura is right:
multiple characters on the same account are OK to do specific tasks where logging off your main is not a problem: PI, Jita alt to buy/sell things there etc
multiple accounts is mandatory for tasks where both characters need to be logged in, like multiboxing in pvp (main + logi, main + scout, main + entosis alt etc)

ok cheers for the info, new account it is then :slight_smile:

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