New Alt characters

I’ve read the information on the Eve web pages but I’m still a little confused about setting up an alt.

I’m omega and want to start an alt just to do some mining. Can I run both characters at the same time from the same account on two computers? Does this break any rules? My understanding is that this is partly what being omega is for but perhaps I’m wrong.

Also, will the new alt have to go through all the tutorials/career mission agents as well? And am I right in thinking that although my main is omega, the alt will be alpha?

Sorry for all the questions but want to get this straight in my head before I start the alt.

I did look to see if there were existing threads on this but couldn’t see any, unless my searching skills need work!

There’s two different concepts here: Accounts and Characters.
As you’ve probably noticed, your account can have three characters. Only one of which can be logged in at the same time. All characters on the same account share Omega status, but only one can train skills unless you have Multiple Character Training.
You can of course create as many accounts you want, each with up to three characters. Each account would be independent though, so they would each have to be paid for (or PLEXed) to be Omega. The benefit is that you can log in with two characters from different accounts at the same time. This is not against the rules and in fact the Eve Launcher lets you start multiple game clients at once (called multi-boxing) for just that reason.
You don’t have to do the tutorial and career missions again, but it does give you a bunch of ISK and ships for free to get your alt started, so I would definitely recommend it.


Also to add.

If you have two machines, it is still technically against the EULA/ToS to log in your omega on machine A and your alpha on machine B.


All said, just a summary:

  • Two or more Omega ACCOUNTS can be played simultaneously, with one char from each account.
  • When playing any Alpha, you must not play any other account at the same time, no matter if Omega or Alpha or different computers.
  • There can be several Omega accounts on the same eMail account.
  • MCT is needed to train more than one char in the same Omega account. Skill injectors and daily task’s unallocated skills can be applied though.

Thank you all, this is what I was trying to find out. I certainly have no wish to break any rules/ToS etc, just wondered how to go about this as I see so many playing with multiple characters so your answers are really helpful. :slight_smile:

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