Some questions re: alts, accounts, and EULA

I have terrible eyesight, so I need some help. (I can’t multi-box, and I have a hard time reading long docs like the EULA.)

[ TL;DR: Assuming I’m willing to spend time and hundreds of millions of ISK, but not billions and billions of ISK repeatedly, can I somehow train alts / other characters to be able to do once-per-character things in Eve multiple times? ]

Okay, the specifics.

Here’s the problem I’m trying to solve: There are things in Eve, such as Event awards, career agents, some Cosmos missions, etc, that a character can only do / acquire once in their career. I would like to try some of these things multiple times in a way that doesn’t violate the EULA.

I know nothing about alts and have never used them. So here are my questions:

  • I don’t want to spend $$, or “big” (in the billions) chunks of ISK / PLEX to be able to train multiple characters at once. Does that pretty much shut down any approach I take?

  • Is it against the EULA to create a separate Eve Online account, create a main character on that account as an Alpha, and start training skills on that character?

  • I don’t care that Alphas train half as fast, but are the skill limitations enough to prevent Alphas from being useful in many areas?

  • How do people have 6, 10, 15+ alts? Is that just creating a bunch of different Eve accounts, creating all 3 chars on each account, and then actively maintaining them?

  • If I change my mind, and am willing to spend ISK-but-not-$$, is it possible to convert an Alpha to an Omega with just PLEX in-game, or must I pay $$?

Thanks for any tips / advice.

Yes and no. You can easily keep them subbed, train up the 5.5m SP, and then brain farm them to make them free. That said, you’re still out the initial outlay to sub them up to 5.5m SP. Depending on margins of the moment, you can even make a small profit.

Not at all. I personally run 3 accounts (4 if you count the mandated QRF alpha clone we leave for backyard rapid response), debating on starting 5 more. I know dudes with over 40. All legit. Alpha/Omega has no bearing on this.

Caveat, if you log onto an alpha account, do not be logged into anything else. They are still intended as trials, even if barely anyone uses them as such.

Yes, the limitations are there to encourage you to sub up.

Pretty much, yes.

Absolutely you can upgrade to omega using just plex. Quick caveat involving referral bonuses (which you should be sending yourself referrals for every new account you make), the bonuses are reduced substantially if they don’t spend money for the clone state upgrade.

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