Question about multiple accounts


I researched this topic before posting this, but did not find any satisfactory answers.
My question is what is the diference beetwen having another clone in the same account
or making a completely new account with a different gmail(I know you can use the same gmail account for multiple EVE accounts)?
I am interested in this as I would like to have 2 characters, one focused on mining and the other on combat(basically the miner account would provide money for the PVP one). I know this is not the best option for money making, especially as an alpha clone, but due to having limited time it would be much easier to make money while being able to study and similliar.
My additional reason for doing so is because I would be able to get 1 million skill points free on each character by making 2 accounts, which would not work with only one.
So how would omega work in this case? I cant train skills on both accounts simultainously due to being an alpha, so does that mean I would only have to pay subscription once for both accounts or twice?
If I would have to pay twice I would probably just make 2 characters in the same account and train a bit longer.
And just as a side note question, which faction should I choose to get into the less populated space as to have more peace while mining?

Thank you for reading this bloated wall of text.

If they’re on one account then you can’t log them both in at the same time.

But do you need to pay for Omega twice If you have 2 accounts.

Yes, you pay for two accounts, either in plex or in real world money.

A single account gets 3 character slots and one training queue by default. For an extra cost you can get multiple character training certificates and train all 3 characters at the same time. An account may log in one character at a time.

A second account doubles this, allowing you to log in multiple characters at once, provided they’re on the account in question, but also doubles your expenses.

You have three character slots per account. When CCP hands out freebies, they hand them out per account, not per character. If you think you can live with training only one character, then having two characters on one account is the cheapest omega option. You will only be able to log in one of those character at one time, but a single omega subscription will allow you to play either one.

Last I looked, if you plan to pay CCP directly for your account subscription (not PLEXing for Omega), it is actually cheaper to have 2 Omega accounts vs 1 Omega account with a Multiple Character Training License - the Omega subscription costs about 75% the price of a MCT. This is not the case when using PLEX for your subscription and MCT, however.

US region - 30 days of service
Omega $14.95 | 500 PLEX
MCT $19.95 | 485 PLEX

2 Omega accounts: $29.90 | 1,000 PLEX
1 Omega 1 MCT: $33.90 | 985 PLEX


Thanks for the answers, I will then mostly likely go with 2 accounts and pay double.

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