Having 1 main account and 1 or 2 side accounts?

Yes I’ve wondering if I have an account that is my main account and I make it an Omega account can I have 1 or 2 side accounts that are just Alphas and play them at the same time? Like use my main account as my Corporations leader and my other 2 accounts as workers and make them do all the mining for me?

no. Either all omegas or one account at at time.


Alright thanks. Can you play more then 1 character on a single account at once. Like on my Omega account I make another character can I play both at the same time?

It is not possible.

Ok thanks

If you want multiple chars online at the same time … you have to pay for each. Simple. That’s the point of the rules.

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While you can’t have more than 1 character on an account logged in, you can have them earning ISK for you. Several industrial tasks like PI, research and manufacturing run in the background. Once you start the job you can log out and it will keep running. Log back in when it’s done to deliver.

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You can, if u have more than 1 pc.

technically, yes. But its against EULA/ToS, unless those (alpha)accounts are used by a family member.

We had this issue with flatmates, its possible when different comps even on same router.

Advantage - u don’t need any voice comm.

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