Do they refund auto billing subscriptions?

I just recieved a nasty surprise, apparently if you ever use your card to pay for a sub, you get automatically charged once it expires. I sent a support ticked and just wondering, do they usually refund in cases like this or I am screwed out of 15 euros?

Got a response from CCP, they will refund it, so all is well. I am glad they are consumer friendly, will def return once my exams are finally over.

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Yes, that is standard for basically any subscription based service. MMO’s, Spotify, Netflix, etc.

Not too long ago there was a small threadnaught about a similar problem, and IIRC yes you can get it refunded, though I’m not sure if it’s 100% guaranteed or case-by-case basis. Anyway, doesn’t hurt to ask.

For reference the page where you entered your card details DOES mention that its a recurring charge

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Make a petiton and say that you tried to cancel but the account management site didnt accept the changes. its a common issue.

As you have allreaddy filed the correct course of action and have had a response, I will go ahead and close this.