Eve trying to charge me

for some reason eve online attempted to charge my paypal account 20$ even though when i go into my account settings it tells me there isn’t any active subscription any idea’s solutions? do i have to worry about this happening again? to add onto this i’ve checked my active subscriptions on steam as well and there isn’t anything on that either… i have no idea why this happened

Revoke CCP access to paypal in your paypal settings. So this won’t happen again.

Your best bet is to contact support. We can only guess here. I would double check on account management page that you don’t have any recurring payments. If you have multiple accounts, check them all.

When you buy any pack with omega time it actually starts recurring subscription payments. So while might not buy sub itself there might be one going on anyway.

thanks i whent into my paypal and appearently there was a reoccouring charge on paypal but no where else its so strange that the service is so hidden it should be plan and easy to see that there is a re-occuring payment happening, but i understand the need for shady business practices

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