Payment in USD

Does CCP have any plans to accept payments in other currencies?

As an Australian, a yearly subscription for eve works out at about $300

By the time I pay exchange rates, credit card fees, international fee - it becomes expensive…


Do you have access to Pay Pal? That’s what I use.

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No sir I do not (i dont know why it came up as USS and not USD)

must of been a typo

I do not use pay pal and its too much effort to get my account verified by the bank…

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They don’t accept other currencies because $15 U.S. is like .37 cents in Russia…lol

do you mean 15 rupees is like .37 USD? pretty sure you mixxed up the conversion. Also, a 1 month sub in rupees is like 500 rupees? don’t have exact numbers


Just checked. 12 month subscription costs US$ 131.40. At current exchange rate that is A$ 174.50.

PS. And what would credit card fees for international transactions be … 3% ?

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The only way CCP would switch to Euros or pounds is if the US dollar crashes.

I looked up the last time i purchased 12 month subscription the fees were the follow:

131.04 USD = 178.35
5.35 for international fee
40.00 card fee (annual)

will check this thread later - i have to run

The US dollar is the de facto global currency. It represents about 65% of all known Central Bank transactions. The next closest is the Euro with about 20%. They have to standardize around something.

Usually it’s the currency of your home country.

TIL: India has somehow taken over the Russian financial system and Putin must now wear a Dhoti.


PayPal is a blessing. I use the bank transfer to transfer some money to my PayPal account and then I can buy stuff on the internet. PayPal is making conversions when I need it, Or for example on GOG you can pay with different currencies in the same payment.

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I pay Euros. :thinking:

You dont need to have your account verified by the bank. You just need to connect it to your credit card, and it will bill your credit card automatically. Paypal does the conversion, so you shouldnt be charged any international fees.

I sub with Schrute Bucks


As an Aussie I pay through pay pal. No card fee. No transaction fee. Only the subscription fee. Might be worth looking into how you can fix your issues instead of asking if CCP could make drastic changes to the way they operate to accommodate you.

PS PayPal is 100% secure and quick to setup. Hell its safer than using your credit card. Also you live in Australia so PayPal bend over backwards to look after you


I pay pounds…

I pay ISK.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


That one isn’t on CCP, and I’m assuming you use your credit card for things other than paying your sub fee, so it isn’t really applicable to include this in “how much you end up paying to subscribe to eve”
% fees for currency exchange do indeed suck. As other people mentioned, use paypal.

With this being eve, I’m surprised nobody has suggested that maybe you figure out how to increase your isk/hr and just pay in isk.


Ok, I know you guys have lightning fast reflexes but just before the joke goes over your heads, WARNING: THIS IS A FUNNY POST MEANT AS PARODY.

You forgot the following :

  • $900/month : Renting or paying off the loan for a house.
  • $300/month : water, gas and electricity, eve doesn’t work without electricity, you could save on the other two.
  • $100/month : Connection to Internet you need a state of the art internet connection
  • $100/month : paying off high end gaming PC that can handle all your Omega accounts simultaneous
  • $10/month : NetFlix, because you need to watch TV on your PC while playing.

just my $0.02 , which I post more than once a month…

and so on…

But yes, CCP needs to cut down on their profits because you just won’t HTFU. Yet you want to play EVE…