How to Pay in £ (British Pound) instead of € (Euro)?


Just realised subscription through EVE cost:

so if we use Today official ratio £1 = €1.14 (payment by card or PayPal) we have
€14.95/month = £13.10/month
€131.40/year = £115.16/year


If you buy through STEAM and keep your currency you got
£9.99month (£3.11/month cheaper than above)
£89.99/year (£41.41/year cheaper than above)

£41.41 its a huge difference, so is there any way to pay through official account (not Steam) one, to use my currency?

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use russian vpn and pay 40% less…
paypal is still available and convert rubel to your paypal currency automatical.

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I did something similar the other day using a free virtual credit card service I frequently use. In my case, I am US-based and wanted to buy a digital product that could only be purchased using UK-registered payment options, so I created a virtual credit card with a fake UK billing address (this is explicitly stated as permissible by the virtual credit card service I used) and bypassed the restriction; my bank automatically converted from US Dollars to British Pounds as part of the transaction. You might be able to do something similar if you use a virtual credit card service. (Interestingly enough I could not associate the virtual credit card with PayPal because PayPal would only let me enter US billing info, so I had to pay directly - still worked!!!)

So if Russian pay by rubel, why do Brits pay by euro? Do the American pay by euro or by dollars?

I only ever get the option to pay in pounds from EvE’s account management page, never seen it in euro’s so I doubt 99% of Brits will use the Euro crap. Been paying £9.99 a month since 2005.

What makes this worse is that at some point EU passed legislation to combat geo-fencing of markets. The idea was to combat a practice by where a product in Germany/France cost €1.99, yet cost €0.99 in other countries despite being on a single currency.

I imagine it was hoped that the prices for everyone would drop to €0.99, but instead it seems pretty much everyone was forced to pay the higher price.

In my particular case, due to the AUD tanking hard it is cheaper to get 1 month of Omega time through steam ($19) than it is to by via the offical page ($24).

I asked about the process of having my character moved to a steam account, since CCP no longer does these transfers for PLEX, it looks like if I want to save 6 dollars a month, I’m going to have to pay for at least six months of sub ( and have to wear the ‘character transferred’ tatoo in my history despite the ‘owner’ remaining constant ) in order to break even.

While the game has improved the direction it is going from the days of the Blackout, the unnecessary resist nerf to subcapitals that is the infamous ‘collateral damage’ of the super nerf to EHP, or the changes to citadel asset safety, doesn’t sit comfortably enough that I want to reward CCP with a 6 month sub in case they take it as a sign people are likewise in favour of this direction also.

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