So, CCP assured the same pricing on both Steam and direct payment, right?

TLDR: Steam’s Korean Won pricing is cheap for Omega time.

I already bought EVE on Steam in 2010, before the Steam account revamp stuff in 2013. That means, I cannot purchase anything (Omega time, PLEX, packages) on Steam because my old EVE account is not bound to my Steam account. Also, since I already own EVE on Steam, I cannot re-own it, right?

That was no problem for me, as CCP said the pricing will be the same for both Steam and EVE account management.

Initially the new features will be rolled out to new users only. Once we evaluate the feedback and data from the first stage of the program, we will look at taking the next steps and adding new features to the integration. EVE Online subscription and PLEX packages on Steam are priced in the exact same way as on our own website, so all players are on equal footing regardless of the way they pay for their subscriptions.

A few years passed: Steam supports more currencies including South Korean Won (KRW) since 2014, and I am about to return to New Eden after a long silence. Now I have something in my mind…

Game prices on Steam are NOT always the same for various currencies, even though the publisher did not implement different pricing policies for different regions/currencies. EVE is no exception. Many items follows the USD-equivalent pricing, but others not, at least for KRW.

Here is the comparison of USD payments on EVE account management and on South Korean Steam store page.
As of December 22, 2017 KST, 1 USD roughly equals to 1080 KRW.
10% VAT included for KRW prices.
Remember these are NOT the discounted prices; Steam winter sale does not count.

 Item                | Steam KRW | USD equiv | Acc Mgmt
          30-Day MCT |     22360 |     20.70 |     19.95
  10 Alpha Injectors |      6710 |      6.21 |      5.99
            500 PLEX |     22600 |     20.93 |     19.99
          15400 PLEX |    565360 |    523.48 |    499.99
  1-Month Omega Time |     10400 |      9.63 |     14.95
  3-Month Omega Time |     26130 |     24.19 |     38.85
  6-Month Omega Time |     48220 |     44.65 |     71.70
 12-Month Omega Time |     88360 |     81.81 |    131.40

I am NOT complaining about the slightly higher KRW prices. My credit card adds about 5% of base price for foreign transaction fee, so Steam prices are acceptable… except for Omega time.

Whether CCP intended or not, the Omega time on Steam is too cheap, at least when you are playing EVE in South Korea.

CCP does business in US$, Euros and, I believe Rubles. Any other currency and you will be at the mercy of a floating exchange rate - sometime you win, sometimes you lose.

Also bear in mind that Steam sales and CCP sales are asynchronous. Steam may be offering a discount as part of their current winter sale.

subs are lower on steam because everygame that uses their client has to pay them X% of transactions, so games tend to be cheaper to pay them less. I asked that question when I noticed everything on steam was cheaper than standalone.

I am still confused that only game time offers have such ridiculous prices.
Yes, as you said, the exchange rate is not constant. However, KRW value has never skyrocketed to 700 KRW/USD during the 15 years of EVE history. The rate was over 1200 KRW/USD a year ago.

Prices mentioned above are all basic, and Steam sale this time discounts only PLEX offers and some Steam-exclusive packs.

That sounds interesting…

Uk price has been consistantly cheaper than US. Its drawn closer due to how both the dollar and pound are being bungled.

It’s less than half the price in PLN…

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