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Hi. i’ve been considering buying some omega but I was wondering is there a way to see the prices in canadian dollars or did it automatically figure Im canadian and set it accordingly or does the game charge the same regardless? Plz help.

Just a guess until an official reply:

At cash out it should show you what currency you get charged in and the payment method provider (credit card company, paypal, whatever) will make the exchange into the proper currency so their fees and current exchange rates apply which only can be checked at their end.

Though that is just a guess but that is how it worked when I bought stuff online through paypal (not EVE related stuff though) so I guess it might be the same in this case as well.

USA and countries in regions not listed below:

  • 1-month-plan $ 14.95
  • 3-month-plan 38.85 ( 12.95/month)
  • 6-month-plan 71.70 ( 11.95/month)
  • 12-month-plan $ 131.40 ($10.95/month)

Regions that were listed below

So, You’ll go by USD when you pay for your sub.

But since Im a canadian living in Canada who will be using a Canadian paypal account would paypall translate USD into CAD (Canadian Dollars) before paying or just charge $15 CAD

read what that says…

USA and countries not listed below
meaning… you will pay with USD

Oof. Then I won’t be able to buy omega with real money, will have to grind ISK and make that into PLEX

I’m a Canadian living in Canada. The subscription fee is charged in USD. You will pay $15.00 plus the exchange or a little less than $20.00

The Eve content packs are currently on sale at

A meteor pack, for example will give you a month of Omega time plus some PLEX & skins for $6.38 US. You can apply each pack to an account once.


If you use Steam, it will show you the prices in CAD outright.

Otherwise i use paypal, and it converts the USD to CAD before i commit to purchase.

Exchange rates are crap right now.

Instead of buying Omega time directly from CCP and/or Steam, consider getting one of the DLC packs that include Omega time and are often sold at big discounts.

Currently, Green Man Gaming has a discount offer on these packs. For example the “Meteor Pack”, which has 1 month of Omega time, 110 PLEX and some SKINs for $6.38 (or the equivalent in other currencies). There are other packs as well that provide similar value-for-money. These offers are temporary, but they’re frequent enough that you don’t have to jump on them the minute they pop up. Other outlets, such as Humble Bundle and Amazon, also frequently have these discounts.

The only downside is that you can use each pack only once per account.

I bought some stuff at Humble and was charged USD which was converted to EUR with a small service charge.
A credit card is your passport to online shops all around the world :slight_smile:

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