More payment options

When can we have payment options with crypto currency?

I’d like to opt to pay with glass beads.

I hear it’s how Empires are purchased.

–Colonial Gadget


Yes, nice, but one is more likely than the other

I run out of Rai Stones and tx fees might be huge

Payment optionS? You mean to tell me there’s more than one?

I’ve been paying with my body this entire time…


Some stargates need a “Splattered body parts” loyalty card points

You forgot disease.

Buy 10 beads and you get influenza for free.

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You mean “blankets”

Also, gunboats.

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Gunboats are for diplomacy

I thought they were used to leverage sales?

I nearly went with blankets but the Conquistadors managed just fine without them.

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Nope, just rent collection

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Ah yes ofc.

Famines are also good purchasing tools.

Ah the days of shipping off all your criminals and followers of non state sanctioned religions to far off places.

One of the bridges round here still has a sign on it that threatens deportation for anyone caught damaging it; it was built in 1728.

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I wanted to, but the time code vendor in the alley behind the pharmacy told me to piss off. These days I mostly pay with bottles and cans I collect around town.


Paypal would be nice.

They do accept paypal.


According to their expirey reminder email

Is SteamWallet limited to Steam installs only? Just curious, I won’t be using it. But you could get a Steam voucher via Bitrefill with crypto (Bitcoin)

I want crypto currency payment

I wouldn’t hold my breath. Cryptocurrency is way too volatile.

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Other companies have no problem accepting payment, volatility is managable, they can get that with a payment provider if they want, they have merchant services.

Interested, apart from Cex, who?