Rize of Cryptocurrencys value and its effect on eve-online

Recently cryptocurrency have rizen.
Metcalfe’s law attempts to describe the value of a network (originally intended for use with telecoms). It states that the value of a network is the square of the number of users, or nodes.
Link: https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@eric-blair/does-metcalfe-s-law-aptly-describe-bitcoin-s-value

As cryptocurrencys rize more people will understand that value can be created this way
and that this value is “real”.

This could have a positive effect on eve-online as people could begin to understand this and see it this way and act on it increasing the value of your ships and isk etc. Eve online could also be seen as a network with value.

What do you think?

Cryptocurrencies have actual real world value, ISK ingame doesn’t, it can’t be transferred outside of the game it can’t be spent on things like currencies like bitcoin can, it won’t have any effect on an ingame fictional currency

I think you have failed to point out what one has to do with the other. I think you heard some buzz words and just want to draw attention to yourself, but don’t really understand any of them. I think you didn’t lay down the seeds for an actual discussion here, it would have been far more honest if you’d have just said “I heard cryptocurrencys (sic) are a thing but I don’t know what they are, could someone please explain them to me” because then there would be a jumping off point for actual discussion.


I mean that the insight that non material things can have more value, for example that the value of a network can be the square of its nodes, and the psychological changes this brings with it.

People might have a different belief about value of sort of fictional things in a network.
Im not talking about transfering ISK from the game to outside the game, just the psychological value of the things ingame.

One scientific definition of the word “real” is that it is everyting that you can measure. But a philosophical question is where does this measuring stop? is your measuring device real? one could argue that your eye can be seen as a measuring device, and that that the measuring eventually stops in your consciousness.

I can imagine the point im going to or what im trying to explain is a bit vague.

Ah. So this thread is about the effects cannabis use on forum posting. Got it. :wink:

Cryptocurrency is a commodity just like anything else. It has value because people agree it has value. The “realness” of it doesn’t enter into it, currency by its very nature is fundamentally imaginary. Crypto just happens to be the tulip bulbs of the month, that’s why you’ve even heard about it. I can’t say if it’s over-valued yet but it will bubble at some point, because that’s how these things work, and people are always the same. The real estate bubble didn’t affect EVE, neither will this, and that’s why I don’t understand why this thread even exists.


The value is in the blockchain, not the cryptocurrency.

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its a double sided thing
just because the value of a currency rises doesnt mean its a strong currency
it can actually indicate a weak currency


I see what you did there :wink:

I’m pretty sure Bitcoin is growing inside an air bubble, especially now.
In the next coming year(s) quantum computing is coming, which will make the encryption on these currencies obsolete lol

well im glad you appreciate it but im not sure what i did lol
i dont really understand cryptocurrency tbh
all i know is it can be mined somehow using your computer
it doesnt really interest me lol

Ah, an unintentional pun then. Heads & tails better than the rest it seems…

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No, value is 100% subjective. If everyone suddenly decided they didn’t care about any of it, it would have no value, regardless of the costs of and features of the technology. To me, none of it has the slightest value because I can’t use it to buy beer, so screw it it’s just garbage and noise. See, subjective.

Supposedly a lot of the “value” of cryptocurrency comes from rarity, which is the most stupid thing about the whole mess. It’s flummoxing. Seriously, we’ve spent the last 50 years inventing machines that get better and better at doing math, and this currency’s sole perceived value is based on “math is hard.” It renders itself obsolete!

Theyre just pyramid schemes.
They have no value and can’t be used for anything. People say oh you can use bit coin for stuff but no o es ever gone out and got dinner with a made up pixelpenny.

It’s a bunch of nonsense.
Mine bitcoins

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Are you that same crazy person who was rambling earlier this week about ~cryptocurrencies~ and how they have something to do with EVE but never actually drew any connection between the two?

“No, value is 100% subjective.”

–> Nonsense,… material Things have objective value,… you can of course suddenly decide that Food is worthless or has no value, but then your stomach will convince you otherwise in short order without you having a say in the matter ;).

While it is true that some of the crypto currently in use like RSA is vulnerable if you have a quantum processor capable of factoring large numbers, there are other crypto functions available which do not suffer from this issue. So they will not impact those currencies at all.

and what if i have an overstock of food i dont need and consistently produce while everyone i trade with also produces a huge overstock of food
no one is interested in buying food because we all have it
therefore it has no value

nvm thought i was still in the plex thread

Isn’t the bitcoin functioning on that?

Yes, but in the case of bitcoin you would need a very large quantum computer to crack it. However, there are ways to change the crypto should this ever become an issue