Integrated Bitcoin Miner

I thought a Bitcoin Miner could be integrated into the Eve Online client. There could be an option of how much computing power should be reserved for the Bitcoin Miner. The mined value could be used to buy items in the ingame store.

Because EVE on its own doesn’t draw enough power already when it’s running. And we clearly need something like this to clog up the computer when you need the performance the most. And clearly Hilmar needs NFT in EVE even though NFT stands for Not For EVE.

:facepalm: If you want to waste your computer’s performance and money on power bills, there are external clients for that. Stay way with that pile of garbage from EVE.




It’s just an idea, you must not like it.

Hard nope.

Theres a hundred other bitcoin miner games and theyre all trash

I thought it stands for “Not For Tranquility”

No, it’s not just an idea. It’s garbage. And one must counter this kind of garbage with utmost prejudice so that people like Hilmar don’t get the wrong idea.


I know it is just 1st day of new month, but I think we already have a winner for the most stupid suggestion for this month.


Seems like a way for those with limited income to get access to the premium services the game has to offer.

How so? They can already do that by just playing, earning ISK and spending the ISK on Plex for gametime, and NES items.

I thought this was already in the game because that would explain why my laptop goes crazy while im docked on lowest settings


Definitely hard no. This is a game for fun, lets keep it that way. Lets keep bitcoin and other crap like NFT out of it…


The “INCOME” is nowhere near what you need for a sub after power bills. :joy: ON TOP of the hungry application that is EVE online.

You would have to be doing it pretty much all day every 30 days to maybe break 20$ USD monthly as compared to saving a little bit from each paycheck like many of us (and recently me) to buy bulk Omega time and save 2-5$ per month.

I knew 1 guy who got into bitcoin mining really loved it I hear. Then slowly… but surely he stopped playing this game :joy: because the power EVE used would be more efficiently spent keeping his PC running to mine more bitcoin. It is really sad tbh.

  • There is no economic argument for this.
  • There is no practical argument for this.
  • Frankly there are no positives to bitcoin mining and playing EVE (To stay on topic)

Are you in jita?

You don’t have to be anywhere, just logging in (character select doesn’t take as much resources)

Even on lowest graphic settings, I cannot run more than 4 clients at once - it leads to hard freezes and lagginess, while in 2019 I could with the same PC multibox 8 just fine. It also takes a lot more GB on my SSD too, to the point I am running out of space and can’t use photoshop anymore lol.

EVE is getting needlessly bloated and drains much more resources. Yet the gameplay was not improved in slightest over those years.

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Partly the reason why EVE Vanguard is so popular tbh. Something finally new to do. :joy: Tired of all these new systems/ships they keep adding in.

I want to comment on this but have been talking all day so i should really be quiet. But i will say this.

Check the ship models, they have insane levels of detail. For example the tayra has like 15 small antennas in 3D (Usually you dont make things like small antennas in 3D, you use some kind of sprite, to lower the amount of polygons for better performance) but you cannot even distinguish them unless you zoom all the way in. But people dont play the game like that. They aren’t zoomed all the way in on their ships for the most part. So all this effort that has been put in to making extreme levels of detail on ships, even when they warp around many of them have gotten animations where they retract and expand certain parts. But you cant see it unless you are zoomed all the way in and again people dont play the game zoomed all the way in for the most part. So all the effort on making the ships so detailed and having these animations, it just wastes computing power. I hate to say it.

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Even the coercer has many of these extremely small 3D modeled antennas that just destroy graphics cards and that you cant even distinguish unless you zoom all the way in.

By the way thats how the game looks on low settings. Not red carpet. If you really are only going to make an effort to make game look good on high settings. Then dont offer low settings?

Here is a game on lowest graphics settings (top image) vs highest (bottom image). Its an old game. Some of if you might recognize it. But its still an excellent feat that the overvall difference is relatively small. Now i will leave. Caus im talking too much. Bye.

Kids don’t pay the electric bill.

Are you aware of dynamic Level of Detail?

Now that’s just ridiculous.

If games in general didn’t have the option to lower graphics settings, then only those able to continually update their gear could play games. That cuts out a significant portion of the global population.
I run seven accounts on a 7700//1080 rig, that’s at modest gfx settings.
I can’t afford to buy a new pc every two or three years.