So I try to finally do a low sec mining

Yes I cant do high sec mining because the return fir omega actually make me loose plex so I try to do low sec and boy oh a boy.

A high level guy instantly warp in, warp lock me and I can do nothing vut watch my retriver dies.

10/10 eve online experience will not pay this game anymore.

I get punished doing high sec mining and I get punished again by doing low-sec mining

No… you have been punished for not being cautious.


Helloo forum :grinning:

Why do mining on Omega account? Doesn’t seem worth it to me. I set up an alt to do some hisec mining and haven’t yet used it. I figure I’ll go mine if/when the fancy strikes me. I certainly won’t do it in hopes of getting rich.

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: How’d ya like that? :smiley:

He caught you with pants down? :laughing: I’d love to know what modules you had on it! Please share.

Don’t quit. It’s just a Retriever.
Get smarter than they are.:grinning: Did you know that lowsec is dog-eat-dog before you warped there? Do you know what you did wrong? Didn’t pay attention to D-Scan and/or Local/Overview? Was it your first fight?

I don’t think that mining is something to do full-time but in a fleet with plenty of protection. Solo mining is simply just asking for it. Shouldn’t be surprised it happened. :person_shrugging:

Fifie doesn’t rock.

Have you tried low sec mining in a Venture instead of a Retriever?

Ventures are more agile, and have +2 warp core stabilization so it’s harder to tackle you, and are cheaper to replace when lost.

Yes, a Retriever has more yield, but yield only matters if you can stay alive.


when you start another pvp game like counterstrike, you start a match, you get killed, and you go to the counterstrike forum to complain and say “10/10 counterstrike experience will not pay this game anymore”?


CounterStrike doesn’t need paying 30 USD per month to get to unlock content.

Also if this is so pvp heavy please just remove mining gamneplay as whole.

This is a joke.

And solo mining is what I want for gameplay.

Fine, if your game dont offers me I will just ■■■■ off and play something else.

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Do not despair, you can do it, but as the others have said - you have to be smart about it. EVE has a lot of things to learn and losing ships is part of the process. A guy killed you? Talk to him, odds are - he will provide you with advice on how to do mining in low-sec better. Speaking of that - just use venture and if you are looking for a relaxed experience, then low-sec is not the place to go.

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Hellooo forum :grinning:

The game has to have some PvE to attract the targets for PvP. The only question is:
Do you want to be part of the hunters or part of the cannon fodder?

So you actually want to be PvE-cannon-fodder for the hunters. Your “gameplay” turns you into a sitting duck more than anything. Again, shouldn’t be surprised it happened.

That’s certainly an option. I suggest you tried Elite Dangerous if you haven’t already. It has both PvP and PvE but they are not entwined, you can choose to play with others ( pvp ) or play solo ( pve ) and you can mine in that game all day long :wink:

Fifie loves ducks

I want to make profits solo mining because I actually paid for my retriever and omega time.

Apparently this game won’t let you.

Should I fleet up ? oh wait its 45 jumps away . and there are only 3 options in the agency list.

This game is a joke, have fun bullying new player like me, nobody will paid for your stupid game server anyway.

Apparently in eve it is, you becomes cannon folder by wanting to engage economic activity.
So yeah I completely regret in paying this game at all considering this “sandbox mmorpg” game is not sandbox at all. You simply get punished and become cannon folder if engage in economic activity.

That doesn’t make any sense to me.
Let’s see… spend real money on pixelated items to use them to spend time grinding in order to turn real money into fake currency to recoup the time and real money spent?
Why not just keep the real money and not grind at all? Why not just save time and buy PLEX to gain the fake currency then use the isk to buy the resources to manufacture?
I mean, if you have the money to spend on a Retriever and Omega time then surely you have it to buy PLEX to turn into isk.

Create an alt to spawn 45 jumps away and when you’re done fleeting you jump back into your other clone 45 jumps away :smiley:

Mining is an industrial activity. And it’s boring to death and you constantly and conscientiously take up the role of the Sitting Duck if you do it solo. I don’t see the fun in that activity whatsoever.

If you had taken your time to figure out how this game works and what rhe gimmick is maybe you wouldn’t have taken that route.
Live and learn :smiley:

It’s trying to be a sandbox but too many players need hand-holding it seems. The whole AIR career program is aimed at holding the player’s hand through what should be players’ free decisions in the sanbox. I don’t mind the rewards though :smirk:

It’s not punishment. Paying for Omega time doesn’t guarantee success in any way. EVE is a PvP game. Know it and act accordingly.

Fifie loves her navy-issued Catalyst :star_struck:


It’s not just a sandbox, it’s a PvP sandbox.

The game isn’t only about 'Build your dreams’, but also about ‘Wreck their dreams’:

Engaging in economic activities means you are competing against other players who also wish to make money with those activities. And there are various ways to deal with competition in EVE. One of those is to simply catch them unaware and make their ships explode, which is what makes those economic activities much more interesting to me (what’s the fun in using lasers to make asteroids disappear without danger?).

It’s up to you to stay alive while you make ISK. There are many strategies to do so, and many people, myself included, will be happy to share what we know so you too can survive and thrive in EVE, if surviving in EVE is your goal.

Alternatively, you could look for another game without such danger.

The third option you’ve chosen is to complain on the forums why EVE has all this ‘danger’, which makes for an entertaining thread but won’t change the core gameplay; the universe of EVE online is dangerous, you have many tools to survive, but it’s up to you to use the right tools.

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It’s no different in real life either.

I hope you find a game that grants you the escape from reality that you yearn for.

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First off, Oof.

Your first mistake.

Dont play this game in order to pay to play this game. This is called Work. And Work and Play are not compatible.

You should be in a venture when mining in lowsec. Second mistake.

Third mistake. Dont mine if youre trying to become omega.

You punished yourself with highsec mining. And others punished you for being stupid and unprepared while doing low sec mining.

I do lowsec mining all the time. Only make about 300 million in half a month, but I mine for building stuff just for fun, and dont try to get Omega out of it.

Do stuff for fun, not for work.


Mining lasers are not powered by PLEX. Eve should be a vehicle for exchanging currency for fun. If you look at every second as costing you money… that sounds like a miserable existence.

No such thing as “a high level guy.” There are certainly things you can do, like watching local/dscan. You can also use a better ship for the job. A prospect can get almost as much yield as a retriever and it’s fast, has low sig, and is able to warp cloaked. A retriever aligns in like 12 seconds with max skills. Of course you get caught.

Then why retriever exist, is it only for high sec ? but last time I check bloody high sec mining lost you isk and omega time, so why this ship even exist AND ARE BLOCK BEHIND OMEGA , they even sell me in a package, is that an exploitation or what.

So this game expect me to pay 30 USD per month just to right click few button and waste time on isk that I other wise can just gain by selling and will “have fun” in this stupid process.

Yea this is a joke Im done. Mining in this game is a joke. Have fun pvp with wallet, Im done because I know some middle east oil master must have best fleet in then world so what even is the point.

No wonder they even dare to do block chain game kekw, look at this player base.

Whats the point of " exchanging currency for fun" when selling plex is faster , better then mining .

Please enrich me whats the point of mining when you can sell plex with more money .

Of cause I will value isk/time when doing mining because idk, EARNING ISK IS THE WHOLE POINT OF MINING ,

Why I pay 500 plex for omega time,
When I can earn more with simply selling the 500 plex.

Like please explain the logic.

The Retriever exists as a mining barge for players who are mining in a relative safe area. High sec, or when mining with friends.

You weren’t mining with a corporation to protect you and weren’t mining in space where CONCORD takes revenge on anyone attacking you, which makes you an easy target in a Retriever.

One of the things in EVE that new players will learn is that ships are tools and to recognise which tool to use in which situation.

You wouldn’t use a hammer to put a screw into a wall, even though you could. You would get a screwdriver instead. Even when using a screwdriver, you wouldn’t use a flat head screwdriver for cross head screws if you also have a cross head screwdriver.

The same is true for EVE, you’re trying to use the wrong ship for the job. If you want to use the Retriever, use it in a situation where using a Retriever is a good choice, like high sec mining or when mining with a fleet of other players who can defend each other to scare away smaller agressors.