How to Increase eve’s player count and create value for existing PVP players and eventually everyone else

How to Increase eve’s player count and create value for existing PVP players and eventually everyone else:

Currently most game developers and games studios are figuring out how to monetise blockchains in the way of NFT’s either by selling items pre-designed or unique loot drops that can be sold later on.

This is a lucrative market that creates a lot of pressure for game developers to try and sandwich blockchain into existing games by going for NFT loot windows in new games because they haven’t quite figured out how to frame the monetization window property to extract more cash from the punter. This all started of course with “Season Passes” for games and went from there.

Somewhere along the line the modding communities of games like Skyrim that made mods for “fun” got swept up into in game transactions also.

Companies like CCP who have had the one product for over twenty years and have tried to springboard other products off it with varying degrees of success or failure see other developer houses making simple cheap games connected to NFT items and making a fortune.
This is easy for Indy as its cheap and “novel”
CCP games was often too far ahead of the curve, launching games in VR before mass adoption or trying to copy the first-person shooter model and apply the same cash gates to that game.
This can be seen as a straight jacket of sorts as the main cash generator will always pull rank in any company, hence the continual building out from the existing platform rather than

  1. Pumping all the money back into EVE and risk upsetting the player base with “BIG” changes like station walking with characters or 2. Making something totally not related to EVE with the profit from EVE pissing off the player base again.
    (would love a VR viewing tool with old jukebox for EVE online just for relaxing and cruising through systems, tourist VR mode)
    I always thought EVE online could have made some easy money spinners in the past using the brand that could easily stand alone and be good cash generators.

  2. An RTS like Home world 2 but in an EVE online Solar System but with EVE online scale.

  3. A crypto based card game like elder scrolls legends but with the ships.

This has often been seen as EVE’s Achillies heel where CCP thinks that the “draw” of Eve online will eventually dwindle due to its “niche” and investment in infrastructure will eventually eclipse the income generated. You can’t simply reverse a “Blockchain NFT boat” into EVE because its so far ahead of the curve, everything in the game is basically an NFT anyway. Every ship and most items are player created assets. EVE already uses multiple “in game” digital currencies like ISK, PLEX, OMEGA, Skills, Etc Etc. You can even extrapolate real world value for in game currency 1bilISK/5.3 USD. EVE maintains the levels from various sinks and faucets throughout the game, but you can’t treat “ISK” as a real digital currency because CCP prints it. The only way to increase value was to bring in PLEX which is effectively a bridge currency between USD and ISK to capitalise what it was missing out on which was isk farming.
EVE online had a full set of Market trading tools long before the crypto generation started trading on exchanges. When I first started trading cryptos I was already familiar with the market interface from EVE. The API’s and information you can pull from the game has led to so many different apps and extras like Pyfa, maps, market watchers, multiboxing etc. So has EVE hit an advancement wall in terms of missing out on the next big innovation in games “Blockchain” ? NO it is lightyears ahead of this advancement already.

If you take CCP games most recent foray into creating a new “EVE” based game “Project awakening” from what I can surmise it could be “New New Eden” Where players will be able to create and sell in game assets and a similar market etc to eve and probably add in actual characters walking around planets and getting back in the spaceships etc all the stuff original EVE had with its 20 year old limitations but with much more thrown in like procedural generation for star systems, players being able to design bases and ships within certain parameters to generated crypto incomes, But maybe with some of the complication removed to appeal to a bigger mass of people and VR also thrown in as an added attractor. A confluence of new innovation if you like. “Rebuild a broken world” is the tag line and EVE online is the broken world.
If you look at the owners of CCP now which is Pearl abyss you can see from its game catalogue and by extension its blockchain adoption is Ethereum web3. If I look at todays gas fees for Ethereum its around 10 dollars or 2 billion isk for 1 transaction. This limits the interaction of blockchain to selling items in a store and deploying them in game unless they have some sort of intermediary trading house like “plex” which allows the in game market to operate at speed and then tally’s transactions at the end of the day “a layer” so to speak. Then this would give all items in game monetary value.

So why cant you just do this with EVE online to create renewed interest and more value?

Well actually you can, if you are blockchain agnostic and look at what blockchain can scale to the requirements of what EVE online would need. EVE online was already lightyears ahead on the in game markets and NFT’s, skins etc it was just looking for the correct blockchain application.

The only blockchain that has stayed true to the original whitepaper and consequently solved the scaling issue is BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision). It has stress tested the network upwards of 13 million TPS (Transactions per second) , has processed over a billion transactions and has a transactional cost of $0.00015 vs GAS of 10 USD. Using SPV (Simplified payment verification) node the transactions are near instant and they do not require a full node look up and confirmation. Everything all other blockchains offer in terms of utility and use case BSV offers in spades and at fractions of the cost.

How is BSV different?
• Net environmentally green (low carbon footprint).
• Designed from the start to not be a security and to work within all existing laws including property law.
• Enterprise-level scaling plus – only one in the world – the one chain that can do it all today.
• Layer-1 scaling.
• Micro and nano transaction capability.
• Global interoperability resulting from stable protocol and aim to be single, global blockchain.
• Working towards ISO/SOC certification.
• IPv6 integrated – BSV works end-to-end using IPv6.
• No meddling from developers.
• Enables true peer-to-peer transacting (SPV).
• Regulation-friendly.

How can this be applied to EVE online ?

Example 1: “BOUNTY SYSTEM” Initially you would need to test the water first this would be accomplished by creating a value stream for CCP to pay for implementation and experienced players to avoid “kick back” as this would be a layered approach it could be rolled back overnight if the new system messed with the mechanics too much.

When an OMEGA buys game time or plex or packs or whatever consists of a real world “transaction” a small % of that transaction purchases BSV in a “kitty” this can be covered by a small price increase or/and on an optional tickbox screen when paying.
:Do you want to be part of the Bounty System: ?

the optionality may affect gameplay so I think if its optional at first for testing and then just applied to all OMEGA accounts after that.
so using game time for example its $19.99 a month + 2USD

The BSV wallets are completely visible on the blockchain so you can see that the 2USD goes into the main wallet.

CCP charges an overall TAX or a TAX per reward or bounty paid out.

Every player that is in the bounty program plugs their web 3 BSV wallet like into the Eve online distribution wallet that is attached to their account characters.

When a kill is made over a certain amount 500 mill, 1 bill, 2 bill 5 bill, 10 bill 20 bill etc it registers with the kill mail and immediately makes a payment to that characters wallet depending on the kill size. Then that person hears his phone “jingle” as the BSV arrives already elated after popping some nice shiny tech II ship.

CCP tax will go into two separate streams, one wallet for revenue stream for CCP to keep or speculate or sell.

another wallet to accumulate BSV over time which will give the in game market and already existing NFT’s real world value.
I think the news of Massive battles and people walking away with war chests in crypto would generate unheard of news cycles and publicity and have old players screaming and and new players trying to skillup as quick as possible.
Example 2: this could only be implemented after a year or two of example 1

Once CCP has accumulated lots of bitcoin SV and if highly familiar with its nano transactions process its could feasibly run the whole eve market with all its transactions on the BSV blockchain. is an example of using BSV to have a trading market platform buying and selling multiple commodities based around microtransactions.

the EVE market would evolve and CCP would make the taxes on it.

It would be an interesting exercise anyway to see what was cheaper ?

Running eve markets on their own servers

or Running a BSV node or SPV and running EVE markets on that.

Either way I think the “Project awakening” may ultimately fail due to the inherent limitations of the blockchain that it is onboarding.

EVE + Enterprise blockchain = Limitless possibilities (the proper way to leverage the brand)

Mabye EVE will still be around in 20 years with its own GDP

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I am looking forward for you to release your own game pretty soon. I hope you have already hired all the people to create it and rented all the infrastructure to run it. Based on your in-depth knowledge shown here, it will be a great success. It will be so much better than what the EVE guys have built over the last 20 years. Go for it!


How is your comment even relevant to the post?

I love EVE been on it on and off since 2008

This suggestion does not change any aspect of the physical game.

its a reward system for experienced players

what do you do when you not picking peanuts out of poo on a friday :joy:

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It’s an RMT system


@Darragh_MacIomhair I’m going to save you some time.
Most of the negative replies you will get will come from forum trolls who have nothing to do with their lives but try to aggravate people.
Feed the trolls at your own risks.

You’re welcome.


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I have linked this before, though its still as pertinent now as it was then.

Stop pushing for this stuff.


Haven’t tried that, but you seem to be an expert on the matter. However, I doubt I want to hear details about your hobby.

I rather ridicule stupid “blockchain” ideas coming from random guys who think they need to give advice about long-term future product development to the management of an established and successful business company, while not having the slightest idea about creating and maintaining a complex product like an online game for years.

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Helmar? Is that you?


Only a crypto-blockchain NFT HS-ganking implentation would work in EVE online.


OP, you should keep in mind that when a concept-post runs on too long and is a bit too scattered in its’ delivery, most people will stop reading 1/3 of the way through and just respond to the “EVE should have blockchain/NFT” part. Which is guaranteed to be poorly received by the forum crowd.

I struggled through the run-on sentences and poor parsing, but in the end all I found was a lot of random thoughts about EVE and other games, only to end with 2 barely-outlined concepts of “Use RMT to pay for bounty kills” - which you somehow imagined would translate into into massive battles? - followed by “convert EVE markets to RMT with NFT”, which mostly already exists with Plex.

At any rate, neither of these concepts would increase EVE’s player count, although it could possibly create a tiny fraction of value for a few existing PvP players who were willing to find and execute RMT bounties. In fact I strongly suspect they would have the opposite result.

If you want an idea to gain traction, first, present it better, and second, try to ensure it makes sense in the first place. Thinly-veiled promotions of your favorite blockchain provider won’t garner much feedback.


EVE Online doesn’t have fuckall to do with crypto, blockchain, or NFTs. Long story short…



It is a long post and I would ratha lift weights than read but me, Ahnold Sfarsensplatter, after careful reviewing of dat script, approves of dis idea.
Now to put it into a movie will be another story.

Consider that a divorce.

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OP is barking up the wrong tree. Way way too long. CCP does not read this or care the slightest about armchair CEO game design pitches. This is not Shark Tank or an elevator pitch.

In business school they actually teach you how to structure a message for the right audience. So I know OP didn’t go to business school. I would know because I am nearly done with my program :skull: :joy:

If anyone can do a TLDR on this it is much appreciated.

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Huh ? Whatever happened to just undocking and shooting people ?



  1. see where ccp will be / is experimenting with blockchain in a new game they are developing.
  2. where it concerns EvE Online, according to the ccp ceo himself, very conscious of the feelings of the EvE Online community, NFT will mean: Not For Tranquility - which means us, here, in this game. If in doubt, contact the CSM members.
  3. good pitch for your product, wrong audience. You really want to pitch to ccp where they will tell you: see point #1.
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How to Increase eve’s player count and create value for existing PVP players and eventually everyone else

Games should create fun for their consumers - not value. Jobs and actual products create value.

No. Apart from Ubisoft (just slightly less bad than the king of bad publishers - EA), who is at the front of this plague, other corporate robots who haven’t played a single game in their life and a couple of delusional cryptobros, everyone is steering the hell away from NFTs.

What lucrative market? The whole NFT market crashed years ago and is currently completely dead. The only people who still see NFTs as lucrative are scammers, chronic gamblers and corporate douches who are completely detached from reality. Oh… and I almost forgot the last group - poor regular people who fell for the marketing.

You can’t put season passes and paid mods into the same category. Mods represent the result of actual work and time dedicated by people to produce something useful to others. Season passes do not.

Apart from the dumpster fire that was Bored Ape Yacht Club (you should really watch a documentary about what exactly it was and how it ended) which did snatch a lot of money from a lot of people based on pure hype and social engineering, I don’t know a single successful NFT game which made a fortune - and survived for a long period of time. Each cheap NFT game that generated decent amount of money is playing on exactly two cards - hype and speculation.

No, it’s not. Apart from being fictional and represented in a digital form, in game items in any game, EVE included, has nothing in common with NFTs whatsoever.

A fait accompli is a tactic where someone presents a situation as if it is already completed or decided, in order to discourage debate or resistance and to influence others to accept it as a done deal. This psychological manipulation technique leverages the perception of inevitability to steer others towards accepting a decision or action without further discussion or opposition. (this one I’ve generated with ChatGPT, because English is not my native language and couldn’t express myself properly… but yeah…)

That’s just jumping on the hype train… and that train has already left the station and crashed years ago.

Why? Most of the current space is empty anyway. High, low and null. I don’t know what gave you the impression that one of the problems in EVE is that we are all crammed in too small amount of solar systems.

Either you don’t see it or you live in a hopeless country with no real employment opportunities (I know that feeling the best… I am living in one). Working in a game is not the way out. People do not want to work in games - people want to play the games and have fun. The whole concept of working in games for volatile speculative imaginary “assets” is fundamentally flawed and rotten to the core - from psychological, sociological and economic perspective. I could literally write a whole book on why.

You don’t really understand EVE’s player base. All of the long-term players, who are sticking with the game for years and paying to keep this game alive are playing it because it is complex - not because it’s a generic simplistic cash grab which appeals to masses. On the other hand, VR is still in its infancy and the adoption rate is practically non-existent. Even Meta, with billions to invest in it, has failed. It’s not an attractor at all - it’s a novelty gimmick which does not provide gameplay value. Besides, what’s the use of VR in EVE? The whole gameplay of EVE is a form of a top-down classic MMO.

The moment that happens the game will literally be dead. You don’t understand, do you… If I wanted to play a crypto scam game - I would. Instead, I’m playing EVE.

Because fixing bugs and providing more fun is what keeps the game alive, relevant and appealing to play - not crypto monetization.

Oh… now I see where you are coming from. This right here is literally a sales pitch for something you personally are invested in. And the whole story about EVE and its problems was an attempt to invent a non-existing problem, connect it to at least some reality in order to try to gain legitimacy and then present a sales pitch for your “solution”. It’s so transparent that it’s laughable.

EVE already has a problem with news articles which are misrepresenting the gameplay and associating real-life cash value to what is lost in the game. Contrary to what you believe, it’s actually a deterrent.

Oh and you’ve forgot a lot about associating real cash with in-game items… Here are just a couple of things:

  • Losing anything in the game unwillingly will be treated as destruction of property in any court. Suicide ganks, hot drops, corporate theft, scams, awoxing, big alliances stomping small groups without any ability to defend themselves, being an in-game mercenary would be a real life crime, and most importantly - every time you even think about attacking someone, you must ask yourself whether your actions will get you into a lawsuit because your are about to destroy someone’s property without their consent. And no - no TOS or EULA can be above government laws… That’s not how the law works.
  • Real life taxes introduced to in-game economy. Yes, most of the countries are taxing crypto already.

Yah! Why can’t people just play the game LOL Let the suits in corporate manage EVE.

PS. For everyone. Blockchain to my current knowledge is just a ledger technology.
Great for supply chains, tracking the authenticity of packages, and when it gets handed off from various buildings.


Anyone who pitches blockchain for things like games is out of their minds lol. Same goes with “AI”


I’m always amazed at the number of people who want crypto, blockchain, card-trading, and some form of gambling in EVE. For Christ’s sake, seek professional help…


Not surprising, they think they will fly to the moon by using these (while in reality they will just be victims of their own greed).



If you put blockchain into an MMO and then add tax’s on top what happens is everyone gets poor, its the best method for extracting all the money from all the players and ■■■■■■■ them over completely think long term health rather.

If you want to loose all your money go to a casino.