This is how CCP and EVE ONLINE could make MORE MONEY

Eve Online has been around for about 15 years now and it will probably be around for another 15 years, my suggestions will however make the company MORE profitable.

I have been playing eve online on and off for quite some years now and with that here is my insight.

I will write my suggestions first and then the reasons for them.

  1. Show more love to missions runners.

  2. Add level 5 agents to 0.5 and above security status systems.

  3. Add more agents to more corporations.

  4. Create level 5 transport missions

  5. Give storyline missions to the Interbus faction.

  6. Create a much larger variation in the loyalty point stores, by adding more special and unique items.

  7. Remove the corporate tax of 11% on npcs corps. And change it to 0%.

  8. Increase the rewards for missions.

  9. Secret bonus suggestion.

Here is my reasoning.

When it comes to video games, all video games, I speak for the silent majority of people, because when it comes to games I know what almost everyone wants.

When it comes to most people they don’t want to be bothered when they are doing something else, for example being forced to pvp when they want to pve and are not set up for pvp. A person logs in to shoot some rats but can’t do that because he must also focus that some guy might jump him, vs a guy who logged in specifically to jump others. The second guys fun is valued higher and has been so for years.

When looking at a game this game for example eve online, CCP should look at TIME invested, how much time doing X must I spend to get Y reward. One should look at TIME vs reward.

A person who is a casual player and wants to run missions at a higher level is basically discouraged to do so because to run a level 5 mission one needs a very expensive ship that will take many game hours to replace. Most casual players only play a few hours a week, so replacing such a ship would take many months of real time maybe years, so obviously a person will choose to do something else with their time AND SPEND THEIR REAL MONEY ON SOMETHING ELSE.

I believe that more ship skins would be sold and a higher demand would exist if people ”only” had to worry about npcs destroying their ships and not giving the joy of some random ganker doing it. More ship skins sold = more money for CCP. I believe more would also be sold because people would stay longer with eve instead of leaving eve.

The ”problem” with eve is that it has always bowed down to a minority of very loud players who yell ”risk vs reward” however there is little risk for 3 guys jumping a single mission runner who is fitted to fight npcs, and the pvpers are fitted to pvp.

The pvpers get to have their fun, but a mission runner can never really have fun because his fun is valued less. A mission runner wants to run missions and a pvper wants to pvp. A mission runner can never achieve his pure fun because he must constantly be on the look out for a pvpver on level 5.

Which means that after X amount of time those people who want to run missions they simply quit eve and take their money with them. And this is why I believe that even during EVES prime time most players only stayed for 5-6 months.

By adding level 5 agents in high sec space I believe that within 1 year CCP will be making more money than if it had not done so, and people will stay with the game longer.

Over the last 15 years almost all the brainpower at ccp has gone towards pvping and low security space, and very little has gone to all of those who just want to play a bit in secure space against npc have some fun and then carry on with their lives. This as I have written has worked for 15 years and will probably work for another 15, however I am quite sure that showing some love to people in high sec will increase total profits.

When it comes to adding more agents, it is my reasoning that a greater diversity among the corporations will make it harder for grifers to target specific systems

Level 5 transport missions would allow all of those who want to play casually and maybe multi task whilst playing eve, to jump around in possibly a freighter or maybe several trips in an industrial ship and at the same time pay CCP to do so because of monthly subscriptions. Again this is all for people who just want to play their game and not be bothered.

The Interbus faction has a positive standing vs the 4 major factions, however Interbus has no storyline missions.

A mission runner who wants to ”fix” his standing a bit should be able to do storyline missions for Interbus. And not have to lower his standing vs the original faction to increase vs others. This is all that risk vs reward bs that makes people simply quit and it is only this way to keep the gankers happy who are very loud. As eve is built now nad has been for many years there is no reason not to have Interbus storyline missions except to make people quit eve faster.

Increase the backstory and the reason for doing missions for a corporation add some type of reward/s for being loyal and doing many missions for a faction / corp / agent. There is some half assed reward system now, where higher standing in the 3 gives a bit more rewards. But so much more could be done, much much more.

The corporate tax of 11% is bad, because it forces people who casually play or who wants to be social to pay 11% for that and basically lose 11% of their real world time. Lots of people just want to play a bit and chat a bit in the huge npc corp chats however those people are penalized for doing so. Forcing them to become anti social and having their own corp to save the money OR have to pay the 11% tax to chat a bit and have some sense of community without joining a player owned corp.

For 15 years now it has always been more profitable to join a null sec corp, and jump from belt to belt and hunt the pirates there, then it has been of going the mission route in high sec.

This constant push for everyone to pvp and be in null sec has its obvious drawbacks. Let people play how they like without telling them this is the ”wrong” way to play. Because the people will simply quit over time.

Perhaps changing eve so that people all ”start” in 0.5 sec systems and via doing missions, killing rats, mining for factions or other things for the factions get to advance into ”safer” space and that ”safer” space would offer more rewards including better rocks, so that people can choose to be lawful or unlawful and that both options would be more equal, when it comes to time and effort invested, of course that would be a huge change to eve. Under this system the npc corporate tax could be adjusted in relationship to how much the corp and faction likes you. Also it opens up the possibility of having many npc corporations that players can join because they want to be part of that npc corp.

So to enter ”safer” space would be much more difficult than it is now, especially for human player pirates.

And even the possibility for players to increase or decrease the security status of a system, being more difficult to decrease in the core faction systems, and more difficult to increase at the fringes. Thereby claiming it for their side. Lawful vs unlawful and for different factions, this would be different than FW, something more along the line which corporation you run missions for will affect the status of the system. It would not only affect which faction ”owns” the system but also the security status of the system depending of which faction ”owns” it, and in this scenario, high security of a system would give better rewards for some factions, unlike now where lower is always better. In this scenario I would only put the openly pirate factions as ”lowerers” whilst for example doing missions for Mordus Legion or Thukker Tribe would give an increase of security status.

So the more you run missions for a corporation the more its Faction gets a ”claim” on the system. Depending if it is a pirate or non-pirate faction it would decrease / increase the security status.

So in the core areas it would be difficult for pirate factions to establish themselves, however at the fringes it would be difficult for empire factions to establish ”ownership”

So you would have a center of Empire, then a border ”sphere/circle” of contested and then outside this what you have now pirate owned which are owned by player corps / player factions.

You have spent the previous 15 years of brainpower focusing on pvp and then more pvp, now you should spend maybe 1 year focusing on people who don’t want to pvp. And remember they have money too.

My suggestions are for CCP, that being said I know that many gankers and pvpers will loudly object to everything and scream risk vs reward whilst they with 5 friends jump a single miner :). I am not interested in your opinion, only what CCP has to say, and of course there is a very small chance that CCP will even see this post and even smaller that they will comment.


Stop being a subscription based game?
I don’t know why you need all this FTP options like ship skins, selling plex for isk, skill injectors, character bazaar and still charge a monthly fee. You already adopted all the FTP mechanics. Why not just drop the monthly fee?
Because both is even better?

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I too speak for the silent majority and they don’t like your ideas. They don’t like it AT ALL. :roll_eyes:

1/10 because we got you early and only one guy has bitten. One point for effort. May adjust later when people take you serious anyway.


Carebear stare :roll_eyes:


Ever noticed how so many of these bad idea threads use the “Think of the poor casuals” approach?


You are asking to reverse what once was, level 5’s use to be in high sec, seems the people who hate everything won the battle to nerf the game for those who choose to stay in high sec, nerf, nerf, nerf, kill, kill, kill, there use to be better payouts and rewards, nerf, nerf, nerf, CCP complied with they haters, results years later, it did not see mass migration to dull sec or low.

So let me get this straight.

Your suggestion is to remove the one truly unique selling point EVE has - that it’s a competitive sandbox set in a ruthlessly cutthroat world which at least tries to balance risk against reward - and focus on making it a grindfest theme park.

I hate to break it to you, but World of Warcraft absolutely dominates anything CCP would ever be capable of making in the grindfest MMO genre. WOW is the market leader in its genre - themepark MMO - for a reason.

If that is the genre you want to play, EVE is not, and never has been designed for you.


Go away.

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Right…remove the subscription to make more money. And you do realize you were renting not buying, right Johnny One Note?

I don’t even know where to start…actually I do but im at work and will have to write my book of a post when I get home. now with battleships released we already have a guy demanding freighters and orcas for alphas.

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Yes this is a brilliant idea.

There you go, the post you were waiting for. Gimme my like and tell me how its the only sensible post and then go off on one about how everyone else is a troll without facing any objections to the idea.

Thats how this works, yeah?

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those lvl 5s were considered exploits after 2 years times and made unable to spawn in low, only people that get to run them now are the ones doing them in pvp ships and controlling the space.

Meh, I never did them because at that time for my character it was definitely too low skilled, but burner missions at least pay out good (we must nerf that), they don’t spawn in low, humm, since I don’t bother with low that’s news to me.

Allow me to first start off by saying that I am the sort of player who would “benefit” from these ideas - ie. I am primarily a PvE player. And then I will say that I don’t agree with any of them except, in qualified and limited ways, 1, 4, and possibly 5. Now I will explain my reasoning:

  1. By “more love to mission runners” all I would like to see is more variety of missions, and more challenging missions that require thinking, versatility, problem-solving. That’s all.

4 and 5. These I consider related. Sure, why not level 5 distribution missions, and Interbus would be the ideal faction to offer them, so potential for storyline there. More storyline also ties in with “more diverse content”, above.

As for the rest, you basically want to make PvE easier, that’s what I get from this. I primarily PvE, and THE LAST THING I’d want to see is it becoming easier. If I wanted a “click -> win” type of game, I’d play any of the plethora of others out there. Thanks, but no thanks!

Just a couple of notes:

  1. More agents to corps: what for? Oh right, you don’t want griefers camping those hot-spots. I’m sorry, I suggest you learn some rudimentary avoidance and determent precautions.

  2. 11% NPC corp tax is the price paid for immunity from WarDecs - it’s damn cheap as that goes!

  3. Increase rewards for missions - why? So we can have even more devaluing of ISK? As it is, people periodically debate the supposed overabundance of ISK faucets, this would only make that worse.

One more thing: claiming to “speak for the silent majority of ANYTHING” and to “know their mind” is at best misguided and presumptuous… Food for thought.


No, you are entirely mission focused, so everything you want is seen through that lens.

CCP got rid of the exploit to pop L5s into highsec. They did this because in practice if you have a good strategy, L5s are very lucrative, and CCP provided a great deal more accessible content in the year before they made that change. In particular, they added wormholes, added anomolies and finished the process of making the old ded statics and the unrateds accessible by a usable probing system.

IMO when you get to the limits of being entertained by missions, its time to try some of the other content.


No. Absolutely no.

Look at my recent killboard stats and see why I am against that idea.

  1. By adding more missions, sure
  2. Hell no. Go to low sec if you want to run LVL 5s
  3. Why? There are plenty of agents already.
  4. Not for high sec
  5. OK
  6. IMO they are fine now. Maybe adjust some costs
  7. Hell no. If anything, they should RAISE the NPC corp tax rate to 20%
  8. Hell no
  9. You should have kept it a secret

That answer doesn’t really make sense - missions are entirely elective, so if people want to run them, they can, otherwise not. Simple as that. That being said, I don’t much care either way - I don’t do distrib missions myself, but objectively it would make sense that the activity could stand to be represented commensurately to how combat is, within the mission format. (This does segue into a related concept: why not exploration missions, and industrial missions, and so forth. I guess development time would be the most rational or at least expedient reason “why not”.)

She says that because there are a massive number of distro mission bots already.