Product Idea - CONCORD Badge $25 a month PVE Mode

This is a simple idea to get CCP access to a huge new income stream: Pay $25 dollars a month and you ignore all pvp in EVE.

You can’t do damage or even bump any other player ships. They can’t interact with you. You can only engage in trade, PI, PvE, indy.

CCP could be monetizing and creating monetary gatekeeping to avoid what I find the worst part about playing EVE: the playerbase. This isn’t a dig at particular ways of playing the game. I’m saying from my perspective, the pretty game about flying through space.

The number one thing that ends my engagement with EVE is engaging with the playerbase. Last month, I spent hours hauling water and antibiotics around New Eden. Someone ganked me in LS. Just as I was turning a profit after paying off the industrial, after hours and hours of play hauling consumer goods between NPC, someone blew up my ship. I haven’t played since, I never want to feel the way I felt when I had my nice reverie of trading interrupted. I realize most people have a bad experience like this and never look back. I’m looking bad to say that I miss EVE. I would pay CCP $50 a month to ignore pvp in EVE.

I know a lot of people would. Probably not a lot of people on the self-selecting population that is the forums, but testing this theory would be easy with a simple sentiment survey of Steam reviews or omega cancelations.

They can be making more money by selling CONCORD BADGE NFTs or whatever they want to gate playing EVE cooperatively behind.

I logged 700 hours in the game. I’ve been in LS less than 10 times. I’ve never even seen NS. I never will because involuntary pvp in EVE hurts too much. It’s not fun. I don’t like crying because I just wasted four hours of my life and I hate knowing another person did that to me personally for fun.

I’m an autistic mom. With a few changes, I’d love your game. I am willing to pay you to make the changes that would make me be a returning customer. I’m willing to bet some variation is literally the most requested feature from customers who had high engagement and then hit a wall and never played the game again. (CCP have the data, please tell me I’m wrong.)

I just want to play the game without having hours of my life blown up for another player’s amusement. It hurts too much to play. I promise I won’t get bored. EVE is very complicated and big, I want to see all of it.

If this bothers anyone in the playerbase, you’re not interacting with me right now in game because the thought of having my experience interrupted by PVP keeps me from playing. The thought of interacting with involuntary PVP means I am not in game to gank. From CCP’s perspective, if I pay them $50 and you can’t lock me, it’s a win for them. For PVPers, it’s a wash, because you are never going to interact with me. I will either pay to avoid you or not play the game.



No, no you don’t. You just said you don’t.

The game is an open world sandbox PvP game where once you undock you consent to PvP.

Welcome to EVE :smiley:


I think it’s fine, except for the bit about being able to do PVE, trade, PI, etc.

If you want to turn off PVP, that’s no problem. But it should also come with turning off PVE.

No risk. Then no reward.

No need for cloaky spies anymore. Just drop a PVP safe alt off any location you want and park them there forever. Fun, fun, fun. Untouchable intel.

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Sounds like Elite Dangerous. A MMORPG that has a solo setting so that you never have to interact with a live person in that game.

Perhaps that’s a game more to your liking?


I get what your saying but that is part of the Mechanics of the game. If you did that then every hauler would do it and then there would be no targets for gankers.

Youd be making money with no real risk.

Best advice I can give you is try a Null Sec corp. I know you said you’ve never been there but it is the safest place in eve. If you want to work in a corp and mine/ PI or rat you can do that with the safety of the alliance protecting you.

You will however be required to assist in PVP fleets from time to time and if you lose a ship they will reimburse you 90% - 100%.

Don’t listen to all the negative posts your about to get because I’m sure your going to get a few.

Anyway good luck.


I understand this is frustrating, I have been there. But think about the implications for implementing untouchable hauling characters for a second - they can go anywhere. Commonly, the reason that there is profit to be made from your trade route is the fact that it involves low sec, where the risk of being blown up is high. If this risk was no longer there, then there would be no profit, either.


But if nobody can interact with them, should they then be allowed to impact others in EVE with market, indy, and PI?


Not even

You admit to being ganked so clearly this isn’t true. If it were, find a new game, because the rest of us are here to enjoy the pvp aspect

Won’t work without a major rework of the server.

If you really want to see all the systems in EvE, go to the test server. (P.S., it’s also useful for testing routes and techniques)

No because pve ultimately contributes to pvp. Last thing we need are invincible alliances because no one can reach their farm bots. You think people put up orders in high sec for your prosperity? It isn’t npc orders you’re filling. Those are player orders dude and therefore you contribute to war.

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But that’s the whole point of EVE: kick a sandcastle and ruin someone’s day. The game was designed to make someone cry, it guarantees that someone gets their sandcastle kicked over. You consent to be attacked as soon as you undock, that’s the core of EVE, PvP.
If you can’t handle losing pixels and you want a space game with option to not PvP, play Elite.
Also, there are ways to avoid the hunters, but you have to expect you’ll lose a ship at some point. Don’t fly if you can’t afford it.
Also, not trying to be mean but, if you made yourself unavailable to get attacked there’s always another player to hunt. Even the hunters get hunted in EVE.
Maybe instead of crying over a loss you should look to become a hunter yourself and ruin somebody else’s day.
Pass the joy forward :wink:


Actually, it’s possible to fly around EVE and never get ganked - if you want to explore HOW then message me privately or contact me in game and I will explain.

To get to the point where you find yourself in this game, one must lose a ship - once you do that, you learn from there how to protect yourself - I can guarantee one thing - every single player in this game has felt the way you feel now.

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I don’t remember reading such terrible idea since I started EVE.

This is cancer in a bottle.

“The end is near, it’s crystal clear.”

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Not autistic enough for eve

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Please allow me to use an allegory: I sell a card game where everyone kicks the loser in the stomach for 90 seconds after each hand, and my card game sells way fewer units than other games with no gut-kicking.

The number one complaint with people who play the game for a short period is the stomach kicking phase. If the developers want to actually continue the game as their playerbase ages into diabetic limblessness, they may want to address the stomach kicking.

Someone is saying they will pay me money to play the exact same game without the stomach-kicking. The opinions of people who love kicking people in the stomach and conversely getting kicked in the stomach don’t matter for the negotiation, keeping each stomach-kicker happy drove 10 more people away. I would be walking away from money out of fidelity to the core stomach-kicking vision in the base product. Players tell new players that everyone hates getting kicked in the stomach, it’s just part of the game, new players need to learn to enjoy getting kicked in the stomach or that they should get good enough to kick more stomachs. I’m willing to bet most just leave.

I am writing this because I think the developers are in a feedback loop where they are trying to sell NFTs and Dr. Who to a fanbase that has entirely self-selected around the gut punting. I’m telling them if players could pay to make every other player invisible except in station, I am positing the data supports that it would be good for CCP. Maybe not for the 10,000 logged-in people that truly and deeply love having their tummy stomped and kicking stomachs. I was told by customer support that occasionally devs actually read these forums. I’m just asking them to evaluate the data on my way out.

If getting killed in EVE is supposed to drive away players like me, if the safe space is being in a happy gut kicking zone, that’s fine. In the spirit of communicating, I just want to make sure that’s clear to them…

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Except that you can’t play the “exact same” Eve without PVP. Pvp is the core of the game and drives the other mechanics, at least the original design. CCP has deviated from this with content like abyssals and stifling PVP in high sec while adding tougher npcs to keep destruction up, but for the most part the premise remains the same.

Now you could say that you want a single player trading simulator game in the Eve universe with similar graphics, but that wouldn’t be Eve it would be a whole different game.

As for your situation. You made it yourself. As a lowsec/nullsec player virtually my entire Eve career I could never wrap my head around someone sending me a mail or chat asking: “why did you kill me? I’m just minding my own business.” Then going on to say what a bad person I am.

Look you went to LOWsec. The expectation is danger. The game popped up a warning the first time asking “, danger are your sure?” before letting you through into lowsec. You go in knowing that either you use your survival skills or bring enough friends to ward off any threat. You go there knowing the game and then complain it’s the games fault when you died. No it’s not the game it’s you. You got greedy and wanted the higher lowsec rewards and then whine because the risk that created that reward rolled the dice against you.

You can choose to learn from your mistake and better yourself or blame others and continue to be stuck where your at it’s your choice.

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The stomach kicking phase is what kept me playing.

It was challenging, engaging. The danger of other players lurking around ready to blow you up at the drop of a hat, made the game dark and gritty. An element that space is dangerous.

It seems like EvE is not the game for you. And CCP is well aware of the stomach kicking phase. They are aware of how pvp centric the game is. They designed it that way.