One step to increase ccp income and balance ecosystems

WOWS never nerf Premium ship, This is why it have loyalty paying players.
Ccp put mining players to 00, then found 00 product too much isk to consume, then nerf equipment…how much loyalty paying players in this game, how to earn trust?
Based on this,I have a suggestion
alpha omega 00 income nerf to 75%
new xigma account 49.99£/per year with 30% income buff
New super xigma with 30% income buff , free skin , 15% off plex , contain reward per week, honorable name logo…

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Sounds too much like pay to win. Even more so than what we have now, and we don’t need that in Eve Online.

Big NO. ISD ought to just go ahead and close the thread or at least move it to whichever language sub-forum it belongs to.


I can understand maybe eve players don’t like P2W, but for the game company it’s really necessary!

I think the issue isnt so much the ships themselves but that for some reason it was made too safe and therefore too easy to sit semi afk making silly amounts; for example when fozzie sov first came around there were still a large amount of small groups going around entosising systems and creating havoc, and it was viable, people had to undock to repair their sov or station services… you could still warp a sabre to an outpost or boosh folks off them… self repair came along and now alliances only have to form for timers, they dont even have to undock and can easily form a counter ‘blob’ at xxx time…then came the full switch to citadels… invulnerable cynos (rorqs)… and the nerf to combat ceptors nullified ability… personally i think it is those things that have made null just plain boring.
Sure null is probably great if you dont like pvp but i think its lost a lot of what it should actually be like and now its just a carebears paradise.
Being able to make a ■■■■ ton of isk mining has never really been an issue nor has being able to make capitals; only the safety in which folks can do this has made it an issue.

And tether… free repairs… alliance have literally just dropped unfueled raitaru’s off gates to not only provide safe ‘pings’ off of gates but easy goto repairs and watch spots… its ridiculas.

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Not just no, but…

Do you work for Pearl Abyss?

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Of course not… I am just compared with WOWS, there premium account have +65% Exp and +50% Sliver coin…

Eve works differently though. It is pvp focused and has a full loot death mechanic. So, this crosses into P2W territory. But, in case that was bad enough, it’s blatantly anti-consumer. You are literally proposing that CCP code in a problem (reduce incomes), and then sell us the solution (buff incomes). No thank you, and may god have mercy upon your soul.

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I am just give my personal suggestion, if you have a better idea you can share. I guess that more suggestions we give,more ccp can hear and consider. We will all benefit form it. I am Just give a example. Meanwhile,you Looks so excite and this not good for your blood pressure.

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Do you even understand why such offers exist in the first place? They exist, because there are people with tiny girth who want to pretend it’s bigger than it is.

Do you even understand how bad this would be for a game like EVE? No, you don’t, because you’re comparing it to any other game out there where it doesn’t matter if someone can buy virtual girth. In case you don’t understand, which is likely, it means you don’t understand this game, how it works and what keeps it running.

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Thx, only you give your suggestion and discuss the way to balance this game’s ecosystem!

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I don’t understand how your suggestion is supposed to be helping balancing the ecosystem. Please explain.

Reduce the isk product, even the new super account only have 0.75*1.3=97.5% isk income compared now. Do you understand it!!!

No, I don’t. What’s “the isk product” supposed to mean? Maybe try writing a post in your native language and using google translate?

Not that it helps anything, because your idea would just cause riots and people leaving. You don’t understand this game and mistake it for all the other rather dumb games for simpler minds you have played in your life.


I am sorry that I am a non native English speaker. I mean the income form destroy NPC in such as Haven/Sanctum/Forsaken hub/Forlon Hub.


Basically, you’re saying CCP should be providing higher income for people willing to pay for the game.

I just give a example, maybe someday they can find way to solve the problem. Maybe I am not the target player. However, I think people play games for funny, not for such nerfs. Maybe I should to go to WOWS for PVP funny. Have a nice day!

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That is not EVE. If you want “funny”, try any other game. Have a nice day as well! :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry but that’s just not true. People play games for enjoyment / fun.

If it’s not fun, then people won’t play it… Unless they’re a masochist.

Yes, most definitely.

Alpha accounts have reduced access to game content, reduced amount of available skill’s, reduced skill training speed and reduced skill queue time. The main thing that’s missing is reduced ISK generation.

THX, Bro!

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