CCP likes balance so they should love this

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With CCP striving for nearly 2 decades to achieve balance within the systems of Eve and as yet finding the challenge a mountain peak that seems just out of reach ,id like to suggest the following to helpful suggestion.
The product is broken and in the interest of balance which CCP strives for it feels only just that this works both ways .
So lets see CCP show empathy with its subscribers and that they understand that there is a difference between messing around with fake money (ISK) and cold hard cash. Its CCPs game and they can change it how they see fit with changes to the currency and value of ISK within the game . That said they seem to assume the same is there right with the subscribers cash .
How is this so ?? Well simple really they charge more and give less . Local not being present inhibits the player base from performing what have become everyday actions within space . The failure to fix the issue yet charge the subscriber fully is a touch beyond belief , you wouldn’t pay full whack for something in the real world if it was so broken . I mean imagine paying to watch the latest Blockbuster and the download you receive stopped half way , you wouldn’t be impressed. Rightly so you would receive a refund.
So lets see CCP’s understanding of this , they admit there is a problem yet there seems no urgency to fix it . So lets have some understanding and maybe at the same time give some incentive to them to fix the game by halving the cost until they provide a functioning model which we all pay for. CCP needs to start treating there customers like real people unlike the characters within the game which keep getting screwed over.


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Oddly, it seems like they are not forcing you to pay them anything.


you’re welcome



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