Remember the "Little Things"?

Many moons ago CCP used to constantly put a section in the patch notes of “little things”, small tweaks and changes they had made to the game to improve the overall gameplay experience and/or bugs that were fixed. Whatever happened to those? Is the commitment to a better player experience gone now?

Defect fixes happen all the time but not every time. And now we have these

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Stop whining.


I’ll tell you what. When either of you starts paying for my monthly subscription to this game, I’ll stop letting them know when the service I am paying for does not feel up to my standards for how it should function relative to it’s fee.


Sorry, but you are not letting them know they are doing poor job. They can care less about some random rant post on forums.

EVE players are like flush toilet. CPP delivers ■■■■ and they just flush it and pay again. If you really want to let them know they are doing poor job, tell them with your wallet - and if you are already not paying cash but only PLEX your account, consider going alpha or quitting because even if you don’t pay cash, if you buy PLEX from market for ISK you are still contributing to the money laundering of CCP and Pearl Abyss.

Peoples rightfully complain about sub prices, new UI, bigger HW requirements, performance drop (when multiboxing), events being crap and more, but they still continuing to play, pay and then CCP has no need to revisit their strategy and plans and instead they keep piling all this crap upon us (well I am not playing anymore so I should say “you”) over and over.

I plex :sunglasses: :moneybag:

atm I determine my time in EVE is worth it at current plex price. If plex goes higher I play other games. If it goes lower I play EVE. Pretty simple.

People plex for literally years of time. Plex is the way!

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That’s completely fine. But you can do it in an adult sort of way or you can act like a whiny 5 year old, if you choose to act like a whiny 5 year old I’m going to treat you like one.

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I am sorry that you misread my message in a way that made you feel like it was whining in your opinion. Perhaps if you read it a few more times you will begin to form a different opinion instead.


How much less can they care?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Yes. It’s just a single paragraph rant without any sort of actual content or information, which is about the level of what a 5 year old can produce. Especially with the “Is the commitment to a better player experience gone now?” which makes you sound like a whiny little ■■■■■. Are there good reasons to be unhappy, oh yes. Does that mean we need to read everyone’s low level brain fart threads about it? No not really.

If you have specific issues that perhaps pertain to your play style or you feel have been forgotten then by all means create a meaningful post pointing those out, actually engage in a meaningful dialogue and then we would probably agree or at the very least have a meaningful exchange about it.


'tis true, you’re perfectly capable of doing that yourself.

Now who’s acting like a 5 year old?


I’m pointing an obvious and verifiable fact, given your OP.

Do better.

Okay karen.


Dear me…do I have to do a special font for sarcastic cynicism or something ? I was agreeing with the general ‘things are not good enough’ tone.

We actually don’t have them reliably. With every patch, people have to remind CCP to add the handshake to Patch Notes lines that were clearly pointed out and fixes were clearly requested by players. Even things directly taken from the LT topic don’t always have the handshake.

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This guy again?

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I’m expecting some ‘little things’ will be included with the major Viridian update that’s coming. Big updates like this usually have “something for everyone.” In fact, the nature of players wanting a big update has likely created the reason for this question. Smaller changes aren’t getting released as frequently.

I remember when the game Just WAS… Like it stayed the same for 6 months at a time. Not game-changing meta-destroying wrecking balls hurled every 2-4 weeks.

The Summer/Winter cadence was Eve’s golden period. They really need to go back to it.

Let the damn game just BE and EXIST for a decent amount of time, ffs. It’s just endless shell gaming of buffs and nerfs and playstyle genocide every other damn week.


The game’s websitel should look like this

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Agree 100%…

They also didn’t script the game to be played a specific way like they do now. Back then they just added stuff and let the players interact with it if they wanted. Now almost every new thing they add to the game is forced upon the players with no option to opt out.