CSM Update March 16 '21

Comments are welcome, requests taken, fools laughed at (myself included)



6:40 - The problem with ES is that they cost money for Omegas. Making omegas pay subscription and for additional things like ES or skins is milking, not helping. Alphas should pay for that stuff, not omegas. Omegas should have some of the things included in their subscription because they already pay. Fearing that these things might be too expensive or rationalizing the decision for their cost is ludicrous.
14:33 - pics or it doesn’t exist. Would be nice to see what people consider issues and how people playing EVE can help clearing things up. :slight_smile:
16:15 - May I suggest that CCP stops promising or talking about stuff then that they don’t intend to fulfill? They hyped up everyone with pirate faction capitals. What do you expect us drug addicts are going to do when they stop delivering on that promise? Let alone disappoint with the existing pirate caps being mere reskins of the standard caps instead of actual new designs, and not releasing the actually newly designed and much wanted Angel Caps…
Or Trig Shits. They started something, killed Niarja and then stopped doing anything. Worse, they invalidated 50% of the involved work by making Edencom and Edencom systems completely irrelevant.
18:45 - :rofl: Some people have real perspective issues.

Interesting listen anyway. But as long as CCP does not change, people won’t stop complaining. As long as CCP keeps introducing more frustration instead of fixing things they broke intentionally, people won’t be happier.

Liked the video and the help / advice you provide to newbro’s. Good luck on the CSM battle.

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