To Brisc Rubal

Hi Brisc,

How is the progress with us getting Tech 2 salvage drones available for Omega’s
And Tech 1 salavge drones for Alpha’s ?

Regards, a Freelancer

Hopefully I will know more this week after the summit is over.


While we have you handy, could you ask ccp to publish the agenda so we know some of what is being discussed? (even if not the details)



Yep - going to ask that of the leadership team this morning.



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It’s NDAed, sadly.

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So you can at least confirm that there are people at CCP in Iceland still able to communicate with other humans?! :+1:

Great news!! What’s the secret for the rest of us? :thinking:


Have you disseminated my CSM propaganda threads at the highest levels?

I hope to, but I fear nothing will change. Most likely due to the low resources this company has for features.

Another thing popped on the radar:

After investigating further, the decision has been made to place all level 4 and 5 missions behind the requirement to have Omega status, to assist the fight against RMT and botting.

Has the CSM or you as one of the only hisec representatives discussed this with CCP,
and how bad will the effects be towards the majority of capsuleers who DO NOT rmt and bot ?

The activity in hisec/losec from current customers will no doubt drop, and I for sure will not stay as a customer.
Probably many others will leave this game to as an alpha, since I have no use for a forced incentive to sub to this bullshite.

Regards, a Freelancer

I can’t speak for the rest, but I did not have an issue with this change. Level 4 and 5 missions are the most lucrative, and the distribution missions especially were being bottled pretty badly. Given how easy it is to create an Alpha, this was an obvious vector for botting. And even with the bans, you can get an Alpha to level 4 status pretty quickly so folks would be back to botting within a week of a ban.

This creates another barrier to entry for bottlers, and that’s something the community has been demanding.

Yes, it will have some impact on Alpha account holders, but I also hope that it encourages the folks who like the game enough to play so much that they’re at level 4 missions and working on making money, they should take the next step and go Omega.

Given that CCP already expanded what alphas can do, making this restriction to combat botting doesn’t strike me as something too far.


I someone doesn’t spend money, and are completely opposed to spending money on your services, are they truly a customer in the first place?

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Can you/they give a Reason why the agenda is nda-ed ?

And are the new owners of CCP behind this decision ?

Once ccpgames has an automated way of detecting bots, will they give Alpha’s their lvl 4/5 missions back ?

CCP Falcon: It’s a pretty manual process right now, but solid automation is in progress.

I don’t see any reason why Alpha’s should be doing 4/5 missions. Just like bigger and better stuff in game, they should pay like the rest of us in either plex or sub.

By restricting the access of Alpha accounts towards level 4 and 5 missions,
CCP is telling the world that the detrimental impact of bots is not worth the number of legitimate players attracted by the missions.

Now why is that ?
Because they are pushing away a(ny) legitimate customer, even if they only spend money on skins.

CCPgames uses bad business practice.

Regards, a Freelancer

Because they don’t want folks to start speculating about the subject matter of the sessions before the minutes come out.

PA isn’t involved in anything at this level.

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You’ll have to ask Falcon. I find it unlikely they’d do that, though.

Fair enough, thanks for your time answering this thread.

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