A Small CSM Updoot, to let you know we are still here (Aug 12, 2020)

Made a short video because it is far too nice weather to be inside at a keyboard.

Make of it what you will.

fun, most likely



If you had made a campaign video like this one, you wouldn’t have tied for last place with Brisc :slight_smile:

Do more of these, rather that the written manifestos.

Anyway, you fixed the God Guns, so that solved my only gripe.


It was colder here, during the campaign season. But thank you.


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got the volume full blast and can hardly hear you.


Edit; yeah, so did I.

Understood, it is on my ‘git better at dis’ list.


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Someone doesn’t know how to read election results, lol.

Is it you, Brisc?

:red_circle: Must be him. He can’t read anything in the first place, neither words, meanings nor the atmosphere in the room or writing on the wall.

Nope. It’s you, as usual.

You and your endless political spin.

I keep the spin for in-game stuff. Last person to get elected this race was Phantomite. He was the only one who didn’t make quota before being elected.

How is that Big War going?

It’s fake.


Since the only 2 CSM members that regularly interact with the rest of us are in here, could you both ask CCP to modify their actions in regards to EDENCOM,negative standings, and their change in game mechanics after 2 months of complete silence about being able to become neutral to both sides of the EDENCOM/Trig war?

This is at least the second recent example of CCP changing game mechanics that had established history without any reasonable prior notice or explanation. I understand that it is summer in Iceland, but to have questions remain unanswered on the forums for months or statements saying further information will be provided and then nothing until build notes are dropped is both unprofessional and unfair. The Community Manager and Liaison team is failing to respond to and maintain creditable accountability with the general population of players.

While I doubt there will be any resetting of standings to neutral, I also fear that CCP will continue to be lazy and unresponsive in both coding and answering questions about gameplay in a timely manner. Sure, I can fix my standing issues fairly easy now, but the trend is such that there may come a time where, thru CCP’s deficiencies in both product and support, I find myself in a hole too deep to dig my characters out of in a reasonable manner.

Where did all the community interaction and clarifications by CCP go?


CCP loves the shocked player reactions. It is like shaking an ant farm to them.


I’m going to chime in here, in regards to the Trig standing changes, and I’m speaking as someone who has not engaged in this content. I am, for lack of a better word, a “bystander” so far in this npc conflict. I am affected by the Trig - Edencom “fiasco” (my personal description of this pve content) simply because I play the game, not through any volition on my part.

So, as to the standings changes made this week:

“Unfair” is not really a concept that can, in my mind, apply to EVE Online as “unfair” is one of the building blocks of the game’s design.

In my opinion, CCP’s decision to alter the standing’s mechanics/consequences for so many players, this week, months after the introduction of this content qualifies for the word “mean”, using the definition “ignoble and or small-minded” though I won’t go so far as to say petty because I truly believe this change was enacted without malice aforethought…however the effect of this unannounced change and the personal consequences to players, who have engaged in this content will for many players, as we have seen on the forums and internet leave a “bitter” memory.

And, I for one can certainly understand why.

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Something just occurred to me, Mike, so I’m going to post this thought here and elaborate on my initial post in this thread.

What happened with the Trig standing changes this week reminds me of how many exploits have been found.

CCP introduces new game changes, some players find “creative” uses for those changes, and gain advantages not available to those players “not in the know”. Eventually, a player(s) comes forward, contacts CCP, explains the “problem” and the “creative gameplay” is declared an exploit and all further use of this gameplay is declared subject to penalties, up to and including banning.

CCP’s policy to the best of my knowledge in these “exploit” cases has been punish those “offending” going forward. As best as I know, CCP does not punish retroactively.

This standings loophole may not have been intended. It may not have even been thought possible (during the design phase); but, it existed, a creative player found it, and rather than keeping quiet shared this discovery with the player base at large, so that an untold number of players exercised this option to “enhance” their personal gameplay experience.

And now, they are “punished” retroactively.

This is one interpretation of this week’s events.

And, it sets a precedent.

Who knows what creative example of gameplay, with some new introduction of content, will not also fall to retroactive punishment in the future?

This point should be discussed by the CSM with CCP.

For, if CCP decides to punish creative use of their coding retroactively, why would any player come forward in the future?


Hence my use of Ex Post Facto in the other threads.

In the past, CCP would admit their goof (or failing to plan for player creativeness), announce new rules and change the gameplay, and say FROM NOW ON…without penalizing those players who acted in either good faith or were using the widely known process openly with no opposing statement from CCP being issued. (No cease and desist)

The current event just makes the players pay for CCP mistakes.


Already been done.