DutchGunner for CSM 17. Highsec, lore,events, Pochven and more

Hello everyone,
I am running for CSM again and it’s time to see if the 3rd time’s indeed the charm.
You might remember me as a candidate for CSM 15 and 16 or as part of leadership of the Arataka Research Consortium alliance and its community. Perhaps you joined one of my public fleets during the Triglavian invasions or to gain standings after the creation of Pochven. Maybe you experienced level 5 missions like this or participated in a roleplay based event I organised. Or perhaps you know my name from the manual on how to dodge the Drifter Doomsdays without losing ships. As you can see, I greatly enjoy organising public fleets to let other players experience different parts of the game and hopefully raise interest in the lore, mechanics and many possibilities within the game.

My EVE Online story
I first learned about EVE Online from an article in a gaming magazine in 2003. I was very interested and bought a hardcopy as soon as I could. EVE was my first MMO and I was hooked as soon as I tried it. During the many years I’ve been playing, I’ve done everything in the game except for scamming. I’ve spend months to years living and playing in the different eareas of the game and I always found new things I wanted to do and explore. The thing I enjoyed the most though was working together with other players to overcome challenges and have fun at the same time. That’s why highsec and the ARC alliance and community turned out to be the perfect fit for me. This combination gives me the mobility and freedom to participate in whatever (new) content CCP brings into the game with everyone else that is interested/curious.

My areas of expertise
All candidates have been asked to provide 4 areas of expertise and score them from 1-5 with a total of 15 points. In my case this is:

High security space – 4
Events - 4
Lore - 4
Pochven -3

This reflects being heavily involved with the Triglavian invasions, following the ongoing development of the EVE Universe and use the lore to join and/or create events. After the creation of Pochven I also ran a lot of public fleets to help people gain standings and to experience Pochven and what it has to offer. I also wrote a manual on what it takes to fight the Drifters without losing ships to their Doomsdays without having to spend a lot of isk. I rate my expertise on Pochven lower then my others as I don’t live within Pochven because I sided with EDENCOM .

Why I applied for the CSM
I believe EVE will benefit greatly from a risk + effort vs reward approach, the announced heraldry and the use of a story driven delivery of content in which players have an effect on the outcome. It presents a golden opportunity to connect a lot of different areas and playstyles within the game and offers something for everyone. In order to achieve this, it is crucial to have a diverse CSM with expertise in all parts of the game. The candidates need to work together with each other without pushing a specific agenda. I believe I fit this bill and be a good addition to the CSM. I also feel strenghtened by the support from both @Mike_Azariah and @Torvald_Uruz who believe I will be a good addition to the CSM.

What can you expect from me
I want to see EVE enter its 3rd decade as an amazing game that has a lot to offer to everyone. I have done my research and won’t be part of the CSM with a misunderstanding of what the CSM is and does. I believe EVE should be about risk + effort vs reward and that choices and actions should have meaning but not result in a crippled gaming experience. As an CSM member I will argue against blanket changes to address a problem if it causes problems in (multiple) other parts of the game.
I will be available to everyone in the game, regardless of where and how you play EVE. I regularly check Reddit, Discord and the official Forums and I will continue to do so. I will also follow the approach of @Brisc_Rubal and @Mike_Azariah in communicating with you, the players. I will not be an invisible or unreachable CSM member.

If I could add/change one thing in the game
I would add the shield equivalent of the Nestor and make it part of the EDENCOM ship line. This ship could add a lot of new and interesting options throughout the game and it is a much needed reward for those who sided with EDENCOM or want to choose their side or oppose the Triglavians.

General game changes I would like to see

  • Don’t automatically extend/continue the game subscription after the selected period has passed;
  • Reduce the cooldown for neural remaps to at least 2 months instead of 12 before removing them;
  • Add more group PVE content such as the Sansha Incursions and the Triglavian invasions content during chapters 1 and 2;
  • Fix the issue with the tractor beam not activating as it is incorrectly stating that something else is already tractoring the object;
  • Stop planets from decloaking ships while they are in warp;
  • Getting a suspect timer should also result in a weapons timer; not being able to jump or dock for 1 minute allows for more counterplay when people go suspect;
  • Stealing loot from a wreck and putting it in another ship should result in both ships going suspect. This could be implemented by having the act of stealing result in a suspect flag and having the stolen loot inside your ship trigger a suspect flag for 30 seconds after the theft.

Highsec specific changes I would like to see

  • No new XL-structures in High-sec. The ones that exist should remain untill they are taken down or destroyed;
  • Introduce the option to improve Empire standings similar to the Security Standing. The cap for fixing your Empire standings this way should be 0.0 ;
  • No docking access to Empire NPC station in highsec if your faction/corp standings are -5.0 or worse. Obviously this should not be done without the above option to repair standings;
  • No tether in highsec if you have a security standing of -5.0 or worse;

Event specific changes I would like to see

  • Future events should follow the same structure as the Minmatar Republic celebrations in 2021. Explorers, miners and combat pilots each have their own way to collect event points without their style conflicting with eachother;
  • Make the points from completed event challenges be awarded automatically and also make the moving on to the next challenge happen automatically;
  • Review the difficulty of the event content. There is a clear trend where the bar of entry for participation is going up and it starts to exclude players from participating;
  • Review allowing Marauders to enter event related combat sites in high-sec;
  • Mining events should have their points reward for completion reviewed as it shouldn’t be that the lowest and highest difficulty both have the same reward;

EDENCOM & Pochven specific changes I would like to see

  • Cap the standings you can gain for both EDENCOM and Triglavians at +5.5. If you want to get better standings for one of them, you will have to actively destroy the opposing side. At the same time, as one faction goes above +5.5 the opposing faction will have its cap reduced. As an example: if you push your Triglavian standings up to +7.0 you will have a cap of your EDENCOM standings at +4.0. Another example is that if you have EDENCOM standings of +10.0 your Triglavian standings will have a cap at +1.0;
  • Increase the distance between asteroid in mining sites in Pochven. They can prevent ships from leaving after entering and are smashed together;
  • Add Data and Relic sites to Pochven with existing difficulties and loot tables;
  • Seagulling of Observatories in High-sec needs to be fixed;
  • EDENCOM minor victory systems should have their mining bonus also apply to gas and ice harvesting;
  • Fix the standing issues with EDENCOM and Triglavians for shooting wereposts and/or gunstars and have shooting them affect EDENCOM or Triglavians standings directly;


Thank you @Phantom_Silver for the conversation and input/feedback. I have updated my list of changes I would like to see as a result.

Video’s from interviews will be uploaded as soon as they are available:

Interview by Ashterothi: Twitch Interview / Youtube version
Interview by CCP: Interview starts shortly after the 36 minute mark
Interview by DTM: Twitch interview

Contact Discord: DutchGunner#6903

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Glad you are feeling better.

Now run.


Thank you Mike,

Bit of a delayed start but I’ve joined the race with my run :sunglasses:

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Why don’t you just permaban everyone with negative security status? It’s much easier for CCP to ban everyone, instead of modifying the source code. You can also change the name of the game to DutchCarebear’s Magical PvE Theme Park.

Why not just apply a permanent 100000% increase to all mining yields?

Why not just make Marauders invincible, with a doomsday weapon?

Why not just give every carebear 50 trillion free skill points?


I think your first priority should be to change the name of the game from Eve Online to “Carebears R Us”.

Second…give every carebear a real stuffed carebear to snuggle while they play their game for maximum RP.

Lastly…change your character name to “CarebearinatorSupreme”

Ah yes, let’s spin our own narrative by misquoting a candidate.

Actions and choices should matter but they shouldn’t cause a crippled game experience. If you’re security standing is -5.0 you should still be able to dock in NPC stations in highsec but you should no longer have tether. You will still have the undock invulnerability, like everybody else. Don’t like it? There are security tags that can help you increase your security standing above -5.0.
If you want to be an outlaw, you should be at risk in Highsec.

Now faction/corporate standings with the NPC faction is a seperate thing. If you are -5.0 to a NPC faction or corporation, they should have every right to deny you access to their stations in highsec. In lowsec you would still be able to dock.
However as there currently is no way to fix corporate or faction standings besides the grind of missions, they should also be a way to improve faction or corporate standings. It could be in a way like with the security tags but instead you have to hand in npc tags from an opposing Empire.
Having a security standing of -5.0 but a corporate or faction standing above -5.0 would still allow access to NPC stations in highsec.

EDENCOM minor victory systems have a 10% bonus to mining. Having that bonus include gas and ice is a good way to reward the efforts for those who made those minor victory systems happen.

The Marauders are far too strong for the event content. They embody that bigger is better and that’s not what EVE is about. That’s why allowing Marauders to enter them should be reviewed. At the same time the difficulty of the event combat sites have gone up, resulting in younger characters or lower skillpoint characters to not be able to participate and feel left out.

The neural remaps are an amazing tool within the game. They can save hours in short skill training, days on medium duration and weeks on long skill training time. However as there is a 1 year cooldown, remapping incorrectly is very punishing and most people don’t bother with it. Reducing the cooldown will get people to use it more and experience the benefits themself.

Calm down miner

Ik stel voor dat je gewoon lekker Hayday gaat spelen en dit achter je laat voordat het genant wordt.

Well, CCP seems to disagree with you. So… you sound like a crybaby, whinging that the developers change the game for your benefit.

If you want to be a carebear, and grind easy AFK isk in Highsec, you should be at risk. CCP allows me to kill carebears, to maintain a balanced economy.

Calm down ganker. Losing tether when you are at -5.0 or worse won’t prevent you from killing people in highsec.

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I’m not going to lose tether, because CCP wants me to kill people in Highsec.

YaY no ships stuck inside spooky red asteroids after warping to 0 of the Home Min Fields :smiley:

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When this post will be locked and marked as trolling?

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the exception that proves the rule.
run for csm if you want change

Lol, you have my vote. You also triggered them in a salty way XD

What is your reasoning behind this, and how would you implement this for characters that are already above your suggested limit?

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This is a conflict where it shouldn’t be be that you will be able to have the best of both worlds. If you want standings above +5.5 for either EDENCOM or Triglavians, it should have an impact on the standings of the opposing side. Choices should matter but at the same time it shouldn’t result in a crippled gaming experience. With this change, if they put in the work, Triglavian supporters are able to get enough standings to not be shot on sight by EDENCOM. At the same time EDENCOM supporters will be able to dock and (re)fit their ships in Pochven in stations. This way choices still matter without limiting (future) gameplay and content too much.

I see multiple options on how to implement this for characters that are above +5.5 with both factions. In a perfect world they would have to make a choice of having both at +5.5 or pick one side to keep the standings and have the other corrected. It is not a very realistic option so instead I would say that the side that has the highest standing maintains it and the opposing side get’s corrected.

And why would these two factions have this mechanic whereas all the other factions do not? You even advocate for factional NPC stations to use Pochven-like mechanics to disallow docking for people with low standings, which I agree would be great.

Would you similarly have people be unable to simultaneously have super high Caldari and Gallente standings as well?

Because currently there is a reasonable way to improve EDENCOM and Triglavian standings without it being a punitive grindfest. This option isn’t there for the npc corporations that belong to the 4 Empires. Especially the Empire faction standings are punishing to the extreme to improve. That’s why I would like to see an option to increase negative Empire faction standings that could be similar to the security tags and security standings.

Having said that, I think it should be possible to have super high standings with all 4 Empires. However the only way to do that is to grind missions and stay away from the storyline agents as those also cause standing penalties. That seems like a fair effort vs reward as it will give options to participate in any futue story arc that includes the Empires. Ofcourse joining Faction Warfare should have an impact on the opposing Empire standings but it should be tied to ones rank in Faction warfare. These standing hits should also be recoverable without an punitive grind fest.