DutchGunner - CSM 15

Hello everyone,

My name is DutchGunner and I am running for CSM 15. You might recognise my name from posts on the forums or because I’m the main FC for the public fleets from ARC (Arataka Research Consortium), for the Triglavian content. The group PVE content is amazing, and I love diving into the lore and helping (new) people experience both content and fleet operations they would otherwise not have been able to.

My career in EVE in a nutshell: I have been playing EVE since 2003 and I’ve done everything in EVE except for scamming. My initial focus in EVE was in PVP, and most of this has been anti-piracy. This was a challenge that I enjoyed immensely (and still do, if we’re being honest). Over time my focus has shifted to group content in high sec and helping out other players, no matter how short or long they’ve been playing. I love sharing my enthusiasm for this game with others, and helping others discover new content or what to do in a fleet (both as a member and in a leading position). This brings a level of fulfilment and joy to my gameplay I could never have imagined.

A few notes on me: I thrive on analysing my environment and adjusting my course accordingly. I excel in looking at issues from all angles, and combining different ideas to create one or more possible solutions. I’m patient, and I am always willing to listen to and work with the input and ideas of others. No matter your background or your beliefs, if your ideas and input are valuable, I will gladly acknowledge them (and you!) and use these ideas to achieve the best results.
In real life I have also been involved in organising and (financially) managing LARP events for larger groups of people for several years now. This means I have experience with balancing different types of players and playstyles, making sure players are heard and having an enjoyable experience while ensuring a healthy gaming experience for all those involved. I believe all of these qualities will make me a good addition to the CSM.

My reason for candidate: I want to run for CSM not only because I’ve been in love with this game since my first forays into gameplay back in 2003, but also because I want to do my part in ensuring this game lasts far into the next decade, with a thriving player base at its core. This became even more important when CCP decided to implement more fundamental changes and revisions of game mechanics. I have also noticed that players that are active in high sec are underrepresented in the CSM. It would be valuable to have someone to fill this gap and provide feedback to CCP on how the game mechanics impact those in high sec.

My agenda: What can you expect from me as a CSM member? I will keep a close eye on the feedback that you, the player, the very core of this game, are giving us. Through this feedback we can surely find ways to improve and expand the game. Having access to and enjoying content should not require being established, being part of a large group or having a big wallet.
My expertise may lie with high sec and public group PVE but my main focus, should I become part of the CSM, will be on ensuring accessibility of content without encouraging to just throw numbers and/or isk at it.
Lore, industry, PVE and the varying types of PVP (including involuntary) have their place and should be equally represented on the CSM.

Interview in Talking in Stations / EVE online 2020

Interview by Ashterothi

Interview by CCP (starts at 26:35)


Luckily i saw, what Arataka Research Consortium is doing. I really appreciate running all the Fleets against the Triglavian Threat.

I also saw the huge afford you put into your videos, and have to say, i like your “kind” of playing eve. You are going to add mutliple aspects to the game, by adding your personal view to the game - and the most important thing in here is, that you do it on your own and second point - you do it with the right encouragement.

After reading all the other stuff, here, you will have my vote.

ARC did some amazing research projects in the past. I support your goals and the amazing things you’ve done for the public.
I think you would make a very competent counselor!

Good luck with your campaign o7

Keep up the good work

seen your interview on TIS. you have my vote.
Good luck o7

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Thank you all for your support.

I understand that not everybody is in a position that they want or are able to listen to the interviews that I’ve had so far and those that are yet to take place. I therefore want to make a summary to clearify and restate my views:

  • I have done my research and I understand what the CSM is about, how it operates and the amount of time and work that I will have to put in, if I am to become part of the CSM.

  • I will make a good addition to the CSM as I keep a level head, I am open to debate and I wish to work with others instead of having an agenda to counter or oppose other candidates. I have also experienced nearly evertything the game has to offer. This enables me to provide meaningfull ideas and feedback, regardless of the subject.

  • My expertise lies with high sec, lore and group PVE. I can make a solid contribution on the accessability of content, regardless of your background (age / skillpoints / profession / amount of isk / available time, etc.)

  • I believe that players should be able to experience and interact with content, regardless of their background. Naturally, the degree and type of interaction will be dependant on the background of individual players.

  • I believe that there should be a reasonable balance between risk & reward for those who put in the effort and those trying to reap the benefits from the effort of others


@Elsebeth_Rhiannon I saw your comment in the campaign post of @Komi_Valentine

If you listen to my interviews on Talking in stations and with Ashterothi, I can be that representative on the CSM. Through my public triglavian fleets I noticed that there is a lot of interest in the lore and how the content is integrated and/or interacts with the lore.

It is something that fits the accessability of content really well as you can get involved with it from the moment you start playing EVE and it can be interacted with, regardless of your situation in and out of EVE.

CCP has already put a lot of work in the development and continuity of lore and its relation to the game content. Players generally don’t seem to know where or how to find it .
This opens a lot of potential for things such as player retention, introduction of different types of content and bringing the world of EVE online more to life.

To give an example: a feed of the world news items on the login screen (as back in the earlier days of EVE online). It helps all players have easy access to info on the bigger things that are happening in EVE and on things that are going to happen or could happen in the (near) future.


Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Nice post, @DutchGunner :slight_smile:

While I’ll be checking those interviews linked in the OP in a moment and you’ve made clear you’ll be listening to the concerns of the playerbase and their feedback, could you expand a bit more on your overall stance on high-sec and PvE content besides Triglavian Invasions and the kind?

As in other activities you keep an eye on, key issues you perceive, any changes or additions you’d deem necessary or positive, etc.

BTW, it seems something went wrong with your page in the campaign section of the EVE website, and the link to the corresponding full post in the list of CSM candidates leads to a blank statement:


Thank you @Tau_Hopper for your compliment and your questions.

I believe that high-sec is currently in a decent position. The changes to the wardec systems have definitely helped smaller corporations to have the opportunity to grow, especially if they are (initially) less combat focussed. The change to market trading has also opened up that style of gameplay as there is a much better margin now to make the choices matter , not who can update orders with .01 isk the quickest.

I think one of the bigger issues that high-sec has, is the transition from high-sec to low-sec/null-sec/wormhole/factional warfare. To move from high-sec to other parts of EVE is something that is experienced as a (very) big hurdle. There are a lot of horror-stories that increase the perceived difficulty of this transition.

The new course that CCP has taken to PVE is lowering this hurdle. The current Triglavian invasions, Abyssal space, the Sansha Incursions and burner missions are not only a challenging and satisfying experience; it also helps players develop skills that are usefull outside of PVE and high-sec.
This is something that CCP should continue to develop and introduce, while replacing the static and predictable PVE content such as missions.

Things that I will keep a close eye are:

  • situations where a group (be it players, corporations, alliances or coalitions) gain a choke-hold or monopoly on content without counters. An examples of this is the old monopoly on R64 moon materials and the few Sansha Incursion communities.
  • Using mechanics in such a way that it creates an unfair advantage or that it can be considered an exploit. Using neutral bowheads or orca’s to safe ships is a prime example of this.
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I am aware of the blank page.

When submitting my candidacy, there was a 100 character short and a 300 character “long” description field. I couldn’t add that much more with 300 characters, compared to the 100 and focussed on this post on the forums for a lot more details. Turns out the cap wasn’t 300.

It looks like I’m not the only candidate who did this but it can’t be changed anymore. At least now I know for the next time :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the answers: together with the interviews, I think I now have a much clearer picture of your views and approach…

…and good luck! :wink:

in short its simple being dutch is the way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and we might get a dutch invasion in csm :wink:

I promise that when I am on the CSM, I will attend EVEsterdam :wink:


i can promise to be on next evestersam if i get elected or not !

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Yeah the player meets are what moved my path from just a game into something else entirely, truly amazing so far I have travelled to Amsterdam, Vegas, London, Torronto to meet eve nerds and it is by far the best part of the game!

it gives a extra dimension thats true , other games have those meetings aswell only than it is guild based not community based

eve amsterdam(n) sure :slight_smile:

I think and not to give you any my purposes, but I like what you talk about high sec, yes I am a salty highsec ganked player…and eve will not be eve if the pvp is undermined, but I find also the game mecanics to be very general, I explain. In real life, if you get asauted or robbed, you get it in your face the first time, maybe the second, if you get it the third or fouth, you are doing something wrong, like for example you fail to identify your robbers, assaulters, any of those, you identify or try to find out who they are (this as a real life experience, not mine.) Now in eve you get yellow flagged, red flagged, your sec status dropps…and let me tell you what, who cares right cause in eve you have alts, and yes all are tagged, all are in the concorde survelliance. Now here is where i think there is a major fail, these repeated vharacters, are not to be banned as players, or else eve wont be eve, but Like as far a concorde goes, and i will address them a a corp, part of eve, and they suk, they basiccly dont do more than just wast bytes, megas or whatever way I see them, useless in the game. Why not enhance there capabilties, like a known (and known, the system knows cause his sec status is low) why not have them tailed by concorde, have a secret branch of concorde, and have them followed, I mean thats what normal human police do, and not saying to kill them on sight but at least it more real, and make it hard and harder to be a pirate in hs, cause, of high sec, it just a concept to know where ppl are, no highsec is a band of known criminals can just sit a a gate, kill be destroyed, and then wait out the time or get the killing right…what is the meaning of that, no sense no purpose, give it purpose, give it purpose to go and be a bounty hunter, solo players, they die more, but as I see it, concorde is just a byte waste, sitting and appearing late, and yes, the olice arrives late almost every time, cause here in real life we dont have a atron, or a corm, or a CNH, no they have cars a drive, but maybe at the third they do catch the robbers, if they do the same exact thing. That makes concorde, a band of useless bytes, make them more active, I mean eve is supposed to be hard, and there is no challenge buying a suicide expendable ship, over and over. Make concorde active, and i might regret that, but art least, it looks real, for the the tec they have. Just an opinion, and i do love pvp, i dont love dying twice in a day to a split second and with concorde all around them in the gate, meaning I was just number 2 or 3, and they can kill do it again. Very fantastic and creates very nasty views of what ccp wants (which I hope is no to let these grind ratting players to just buy more plex so they can try to survive what i just described, you dont, and not looking for gaurantees, but for realism.

+1 vote from me, sent your information out to my alliance as well. Hopefully you get the attention you deserve.