Rewards of democracy

Everyone will have a slight difference and preference order depending on who they interact with most. I hope the best candidates make it as they are our last and only hope for the future. Without the CSM, their conference room would just be used to sling poop randomly and hope some of it sticks.

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I appreciated that very very very much.

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The CSM is not a legitimate democratically-elected body, nor a viable feedback mechanism for CCP.

The only sensible, responsible vote is a blank ballot.

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A blank ballot is the same as saying the game is perfect and nothing must change xD which is not the case imo.

Well, I can’t symbolically tear up or set on fire a digital ballot, so that’s the best I can do.

While I get the point that “a blank vote is a protest against a bad system”, I don’t believe that’s effective in CCP’s case. They are so far out of touch with the reality of the game and the player base, they’ll probably interpret that as “players have no interest in the direction of the game, they’re very happy with what we’re doing”.

One of the few times of the year I bother to sub anymore is to vote in CSM. If nothing else, the totals of those votes give CCP some tiny clue about the areas that players are interested in or concerned about.

This is one of the very few types of feedback we can send to CCP that even gets looked at. As flawed as the process may be, we need to take every possible chance to send messages to CCP that have any chance of penetrating their wall of blind denial.

I cast my votes each year to indicate areas of interest. This year it’s:

  1. Cael Caderu for CSM17 - small scale PvP
  2. Arsia Elkin for CSM17! - lore, events, content drivers
  3. Baldin Tarmain for CSM 17 - low-sec and industry
  4. Benjamin Rushing for CSM 17 - community building
  5. DutchGunner for CSM 17. Highsec, lore,events, Pochven and more
  6. Jinx De'Caire for CSM 17 - Newbro corps
  7. Kshal Aideron for CSM 17 (the newbro candidate) - NPE, rookies
  8. Steve Ronuken For CSM 17 - 3rd party developers
  9. - WH
  10. Phantomite 2022 - Real Eve - PvP

Of course there are other good candidates as well. I’m less worried about exactly who gets in than I am about what ‘message’ we send to CCP with the priorities in our voting. It’s also about as close to “voting with your wallet” as you can get with CCP, since they seem to consider people leaving the game in droves not a clear enough message.

They may completely ignore it as they do most other feedback, but at least they can’t say players weren’t indicating their preferences.


Although I totally agree, I want to make it very clear to all geniuses around I did not explicit suggested anything about how to vote or anything.

I just wanted to have a laugh about CCP trivializing the word “democracy” and the joke about giving players “rewards” to do it.

I keep my convictions to myself, I either troll or put questions to the forum, I never tell people what to do.

If my joke about it started a sensible discussion about what I consider a joke, that’s not my problem, for real. Not that I care, but it’s sad for me to have to put good players on their place because the “heat of the moment”.

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Democracy is a form of government, not a form of election. The term you’re looking for here is proportional representation.

Edit: I seriously can’t get what you said out of my head. It’s not democratic for me to let you decide which hand I’ll chop off just cause you get to have a say in it. A government system is not an electoral system, and neither has to do with who has the right to vote.


This is ovesimplifying things but a lot of the complaints are a set of recurring arguments. The most common and fundamentally flawed are certainly:

  • “My vote won’t matter or change a thing because of the big and organised voting blocks”. The more votes that are made with a full 10 candidates, the bigger the total voting pool and the more votes are needed to make sure a candidate gets in. After all it’s the total number of votes / 10 + 1 that needs to be met. So if you don’t vote or your vote holds only 1 name, that means the voting pool is smaller and each organised voting block has more power to dictate the results.

  • “The CSM holds no power”. Be glad that is doesn’t have any official power because that would mean whoever is elected gets to directly determine the direction of the game and what does or doesn’t get focussed on. It would prevent any development and/or progress from happening. It would have killed the game years ago as it would just be an echo chamber of whatever group managed to get the majority elected.
    The CSM is a focus group that brings things to the attention of CCP , provides feedback on whatever CCP brings to the attention of the CSM and it point out oversights or blindspots in what is being developed. It means that representatives of the playerbase get to help make things better or more bearable with their respective expertise.


Democracy is often used as a colloquialism for a process that involves an election. Elections are referred to as ‘democratic.’ It doesn’t have to be about a government, or a legislature or some kind of ruling body. There are elections for a variety of things that don’t often include any actual significant power, yet they are still commonly referred to as democratic.

So, basically, stop being pedantic, login and get your free stuff.


Monarchy is the only true form of space government.

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That’s fine and all until people start confusing “power to the people” with “pick your tyrants” without noticing the issue. Yes, I know it doesn’t apply in this case. I’m just using it as an example for why it pays to know what the hell the words one uses actually mean.

James 315 was elected. That worked fine for everybody until he got bored and left.

He’s coming back, though, right??

These commas, flamboyance? or a Safety elaborated plan to cause euphoria in forums?

Remains to be seem…

Send 1 billion isk for a copy of Aiko’s Writer’s Guide and Manual of Style.

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One of the benefits of language is that words can have multiple meanings and those meanings can even change over time.

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a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

For most people, democracy is when they are asked to vote for a representative. Not everyone graduated political/social sciences. So it’s fair use to call it democracy.

If you feel it may not be called democracy but rather meritocracy, I’m fine with that too. The CSM candidates forge their own path to leadership, not simply by working hard and smart, but also by expressing unique ideas that have the ability to positively impact their team and their company.

Probably but Idiocracy is the more common form of space government. :wink:


Absolutely, which is why it’s not fair to say that we elect people to “govern” in this case.

I guess as long as the misuse of a word is popular enough, it’s fine to misuse it. If everyone else does it then it’s ok, right? Screw useless crap like history or etymology. Wait what’s doublespeak?

The problem is that this sort of shift of definitions through misuse isn’t an evolution of language but a devolution. People end up conflating things they dont understand and hey, new synonyms occur through said ignorance.

Honestly after I looked into all this stuff I ended up with newfound respect for the way France and Iceland treat their languages.

The primary benefit of language is that we can agree on what things mean. As we learn about more things, we come up with new words for them and language consequently develops with understanding. Synonyms through ignorance is not development through understanding.