Steve Ronuken For CSM 17

Yes, I’m starting my campaign early. 2 years rested, and I’m ready to go again.

I’m Steve Ronuken (no, not Steve Roe Newton. I told you, that was automatic subtitling :wink: ) a 6 time member of the CSM, a HighSec industrialist, and a third party developer. You may recognize me from,, or

As the video says, I’m Independent. I’m not part of, and will not be part of, any large alliances. (I have the best alliance. Vote Steve Ronuken for CSM :wink: )

Edit for more details:

I’ve been playing EVE since mid 2011, spending most of my time in Highsec, with the occasionally day trip into other space, sometimes on my main, sometimes on an alt in Faction Warfare (I’m not claiming extensive knowledge or involvement there. We’re talking spending time in plexes in a destroyer, waiting for a fight to show up.)

I’m primarily an industrialist in Eve, making things, shipping them, and selling them. I do the events, I do missions. Sometimes I mine, but that’s mostly time passing.

While I started off using other people’s tools, they didn’t work the way that I wanted them too, so I wrote my own, and made them available to all (Because why not? :slight_smile: ) Over time, the suite of tools has expanded, some on request. I also convert the Static Data Extract from CCP, to make it available to anyone, in a more useful format. (The yaml is great, but it’s not hugely useful in that form to most. CSV and SQL formats are more consumable.)

I ran first for CSM 8, back in 2013. I wasn’t successful that time round. CSM 9 was where I was successful being elected for for a total of 6 terms. With CSM 14 ending, I figured it was time to give other people a shot, and take a break myself. Now that break is over, and I’m back, asking for your vote.

I’ve been on the CSM long enough to have a very good understanding of the relationship between CCP and the CSM. And between the CSM and the player base. As such, I’m not going to promise that I’m going to make CCP do anything. Anyone who does is, at best, misunderstanding. At worse, they’re deliberately misleading you.

I will advocate for Industrialist, those who make up the two pillars of harvesting and creation (Destruction has plenty of advocates :wink: I call them customers.)

As I spend my time in Highsec, you’d better believe I’ll advocate for those who do the same.

I’ll also advocate (by which I mean yell loudly) for third party developers. Those who make all those tools everyone uses to make the eve experience better. I’m a big fan of the Excel plugin being talked about. I know not everyone has the skillset or the interest to work with the api directly, and Eve shouldn’t require people to. The Excel plugin should help democratize that. (as does GESI.)

I’ve got opinions on nearly everything, however, I do make sure that it’s known if I’m speaking from an educated position, or a gut feel.


Reserved for Q&A

A Bad Show for Bad People endorses Steve Ronuken for CSM 17!
No P2W


You crashed my LP store when you released that site , because people couldn’t do basic math .
I can never forgive you for that !

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You’ll have again my votes

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Well, he’s no Olmeca…

Guess I’ll toss him a vote.

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you’ll be on my ballot near the top somewhere… Like Brisc, you were good about keeping the forums some what informed or at least were visible, unlike past CSM members.

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Has my vote


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Youll have to remind me, my memory works in 3 days chunks and your way early.

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To reiterate, while not knowing who else is running, you sir are the top

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He has my vote then

Hurray best of luck! Hoping the ESI would finally get some love if we manage to get you in (:

The only way to improve ESI is to replace ESI. I think I’ve many criticisms dotted over these forums about it.

A third party API to CCP is like an hated child, even though they benefit from it and stole ideas from apps.

I also seen no mention of it at their fanfest round tables (unless it’s some kind of one liner in their tech talk).

Yeah i feel you but having an candidate that heavily focuses on the tech side will raise more talks about the tech side and that seems to be one way to raise awareness and express our interest in getting that area back into active development.

Lack of API mentions on fanfest or any other eve blog clearly shows that it has been left in the dark for too long despite it is the backbone of any big and organized group that which again play a big part on NPE and player retention.

I personally feel that having one player to represent the tech views is as important as having reps for each different sec regions.

Perhaps they should wall it off for paid access (Omega or Plex) as a way to get their interest back into supporting it. Developers already have to pay one off proof to get a dev key, that should be on the end user for “apps”. By itemising that as a feature, it would perhaps get their attention. I have no problem with that as long as its on the end user not developer (which also is an end user) as a burden. Frankly because of the way it is I consider it a hinderance to developing non-website based apps. That problem is authentication burden. It’s app developer unergonomic. They only focus on web sites. That’s the problem.

Well that was completely and utterly unexpected. I’ll be glad to have you back if you make it! You have my vote!


And I’ve just had it confirmed that I’m eligible to run.

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What is your opinion on the current state of Ansiblex Jump Gates, particularly w/ regards to force projection and general safety?

I know it’s not your specialty as a HS/industry/ESI guy, but I still would like to know