Steve Ronuken For CSM 17

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Far from my speciality, yes. So I’m talking from gut instinct, and what I’ve heard others saying. (And I was on the CSM when they first came out. so I have some responsibility there.)

The general ability to shape your own space with an expenditure of time, effort and isk is a good one. And jump gates are a huge part of that.

But everything needs counter play. That counterplay should have nuance. not just “blow stuff up. and force someone to replace it.” That’s the bare minimum for it.

Right now, it looks like the replacement is a little too simple.

My “moon on a stick” desire for them would involve giving people the ability to temporarily disrupt them, without requring full destruction. And making destruction/replacement harder. Exactly how, well, I haven’t gamed this out, and I’m not really in a position to say it’s a good idea.

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Steve for CSM!

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Steve was the elder statesman already during my time on the CSM, and I had the pleasure of serving alongside him for 3 of the most tumultuous terms of the bodies existence.

Whilst I of ‘what is a github’ fame cannot vouch for his technical knowledge, I can assure those interested in voting for him that he was always able to keep our discussions anchored, both in terms of the bigger picture - And remembering that we, as to-a-man veterans, had a perspective that was different to the majority of players.

A vote for Steve is a vote for someone who would bring up the impacts on the mission runner, the person trying to start up a new corp, or fit their first ship in discussion with CCP when we disappeared down rabbit holes that I can’t talk about.


Good to see you back, Steve. You’ve got my vote.

I select candidates based on agendas I think aligns best with my personal way of playing Eve Online: A focus on solo, and small gang PvP, sometimes with NPSI groups, and for a while now also tournaments.

Then why the hell is Steve on my ballot?
Because you always need someone who knows a thing or two about Industry on the CSM. This year Steve Ronuken is my pick because other than similarly qualified candidates, he also brings in the highsec-perspective. Which is a very valuable one to have.

nice to not have to chose between you and mike this year, good luck steve.

PS kilts in the NES \o/

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Speaking of the Excel plugin, when I used to play The Secret World, and World of Tanks, both games had an API that developers could use to insert their add-on interface directly into the game.

It encouraged the development of a lot of extremely useful features that the developers themselves didn’t choose to create. The 3rd party community at EVE could really use something like that, and perhaps also the ability to charge some type of fee, Plex, ISK or ‘sub’ using an API interface.

I expect you and other developers have raised similar issues with CCP in the past, but given the way player trends are headed I think something like this is needed to ensure we have 3rd party development in the future.

Is anything like this part of your campaign or is it more of a “let’s see what CCP hands us and make the best of it” situation?