Steve Ronuken For CSM 17

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Far from my speciality, yes. So I’m talking from gut instinct, and what I’ve heard others saying. (And I was on the CSM when they first came out. so I have some responsibility there.)

The general ability to shape your own space with an expenditure of time, effort and isk is a good one. And jump gates are a huge part of that.

But everything needs counter play. That counterplay should have nuance. not just “blow stuff up. and force someone to replace it.” That’s the bare minimum for it.

Right now, it looks like the replacement is a little too simple.

My “moon on a stick” desire for them would involve giving people the ability to temporarily disrupt them, without requring full destruction. And making destruction/replacement harder. Exactly how, well, I haven’t gamed this out, and I’m not really in a position to say it’s a good idea.